To the extent that I am an Internet trend-spotter1, the next big thing is going to be limit my choices.

I don’t want a bookstore with all the books, or a million of the books, I want a bookstore with ten books. Ten good books.

An ice cream store with three flavours of ice cream. Web services with one simple plan (not Essentials, Pro, Essentials Pro, and Enterprise).

MUBI is this, for films: a streaming service with 30 films in its catalogue. Every day one new film joins and one film drops out. There’s a free seven day trial. So you can watch a sultry Bosnian road movie right now, no risk2.

  1. Which is not at all.
  2. Not a sponsorship or affiliate link: I just think this is a good idea.

Travel Writing During the Pandemic

Travel writer Wayne Bernhardson on the challenges of being a travel guide writer during the pandemic:

Even if the travel and tourism sector re-opens, there’s another obstacle for me (and many other US citizens). Everybody knows, of course, about the notorious vanity wall under construction at the Mexican border, but now the current White House occupant’s minions are taking it to another level entirely. My US passport expires in early September, and I recently learned that the State Department is not processing either new or renewal applications so that, even if Argentina and Chile open up for tourism, it’s uncertain (at best) when we’ll be able to return.