Wright’s Creek Trail

We took advantage of the warm and sunny winter afternoon to explore the northern part of the Wright’s Creek trail system.

We ran into my friend Chantal and her family on the trail and learned that if we return someday at dusk we are likely as not to see the beavers that have moved into the area.

This spring, when the passageway under St. Peters Road is completed, there will be a seamless trail from the creek’s headwaters by the airport all the way to its mouth.

We’ll be back.

Kudos to John Andrew, and those he’s rallied over the years, for making this happen.

Handmade Book with Eyelets

Rivets, eyelets, and similar fasteners have always fascinated me, and seemed like the kind of thing you would need complicated pinching tools to install. It turns out that all you need is a tiny “anvil” (really just a metal disc with a depression in it) and a “punch” (a tiny metal rod with the yin to the anvil’s yang). It takes some practice to get a nice join; once you master it, though, it’s very, very pleasing.

Eyelets and the tools to join them, along with a sample piece of cardboard showing the result.

I used my newfound skill to make a coptic-stitched book this afternoon, installing six eyelets in each of the covers:

Photo of a coptic-stitched book with a textured purple cover and red stitching, sitting on a green cutting mat.

little pig cider

You should almost certainly not take alcohol advice from me: you’ve likely had more to drink in the last hour than I’ve had in the last year.

But let me put in a good word for little pig cider, made in Hazel Grove, Prince Edward Island with actual pig involvement (they eat the windfall around the orchard). Oliver and I have split a bottle with supper a few times, and I’ve really liked it.

Margaret Atwood Edits Today

Margaret Atwood guest-edited the BBC program Today:

Twice Booker Prize-winning author Margaret Atwood guest edits Today, looking at the theme of change. She interviews climate activist (and 2019 Today guest editor) Greta Thunberg and speaks to The Prince of Wales about campaigning for the environment over several decades. Also, Margaret’s Booker Prize co-winner Bernardine Evaristo speaks to gal-dem founder Liv Little and birdwatcher extraordinaire Mya-Rose Craig, aka Birdgirl. Hosted by Margaret Atwood — including Martha Kearney and Mishal Husain.

The episode ends with a version of The Parting Glass by Karine Polwart.

Self-sustaining Energy

From the New York Times, A Pandemic Is Hard Enough. For Some, Being Single Has Made It Harder:

All of the self-sustaining energy needs to be self-generated,” he said. “There’s no one else there. There isn’t anyone in the physical area to rely on emotionally, physically or spiritually.”

A year into being single, after almost 30 years of not being single, this need for anything that happens being something that I alone purposefully make happen is equally liberating and confounding.