About Peter Rukavina

A picture of Peter Rukavina leaning forward against a yellow background. He is a white man in his 50s with short greying hair, wearing a flowered shirt and orange eyeglasses.Writer · Printer · Curious Person

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From 1995 to 2023, under the banner of Reinvented Inc., I operated a one-man programming, consulting, and design company, working with clients like the Province of Prince Edward Island, Elections PEI and Yankee magazine and The Old Farmer’s Almanac to design and manage web infrastructure and to develop web-based tools and applications. At the end of 2023 I downed digital tools to plot my next act.

Before founding Reinvented Inc., I worked for 15 years as a freelance computer programmer and graphic designer for clients including the Royal Ontario Museum, Canadian Tire, and the University of Toronto and for a wide variety of small business and not-for-profit clients.

In addition, I undertook an apprenticeship in the composing room of the Peterborough Examiner daily newspaper (becoming certified as a journeyman printer) and worked as program director of a Trent Radio (a non-profit community radio station), office manager of a political campaign, co-publisher of a community Who’s Who, and as graphic designer and publicist for a modern dance company.

I am a curious person with a thirst for mashing, remixing, extending, experimenting and pushing new envelopes. I’m a blogger, an occasional podcaster and video producer, and a burgeoning letterpress printer and printmaker.

I live in downtown Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, where I’m helping to raise two daughters with my partner Lisa.

Note on Pronounciation

Rukavina is pronounced Roo-ka-veen-a. It rhymes with “blue cantina.” It doesn’t rhyme with “truck machiner” or “hooka blini” (that sounds like a pancake that makes you stoned).