What I’m Up To

As suggested here, this is what I’d highlight if I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a year:


  • Oliver’s Stars for Life day program has restarted, based out of our house; he’s auditing Susan Brown’s HIST 2620 Rule Britannia-Cool Britannia course at UPEI this fall.
  • Our tomato plant is coming along just fine, with four tomatoes in various stages of growth (all still green); our hot pepper plant has born a single pepper, which turned red a couple of weeks ago and will be harvested soon.
  • After a short vacation at Deroma Cottages in Georgetown Royalty last weekend, we’re spending a week on the western shore of Cape Breton next week to close out the summer.

Paid Work

  • Working remotely with colleagues at Yankee Publishing, primarily on the infrastructure supporting (this is my 24rd year of this partnership).

Unpaid Work

Volunteer Work

  • Serving on the board of directors of Stars for Life, focusing on obtaining long-term, sustainable funding for the organization.
  • Serving on the Mayor’s Task Force on Active Transportation for the City of Charlottetown; acting as co-chair and the liaison to the Parks & Recreation department.

I last updated this August 26, 2020, and have set myself a reminder to update it monthly from here onward.