As suggested here, this is what I’d highlight if I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a year:


  • Supporting Oliver as he moves toward the end of public school in June and helping him plan what comes next for him.
  • Supporting Catherine as she enters her 5th year of living with metastatic breast cancer.
  • Working to make our house more energy efficient, following up from the energy efficiency audit we had done earlier this winter: now that we’ve insulated our attic, next on the list is air sealing for drafts and looking at the possibility of basement insulation.

Paid Work

  • Working remotely with colleagues at Yankee Publishing, primarily on the infrastructure supporting (this is my 23rd year of this partnership).

Unpaid Work

Volunteer Work

Planning for the Future

  • Thinking about a trip to the west coast to visit my friend Oliver in Portland and my brother and his daughters in California.
  • Conjuring plans for marking the 20th anniversary of my company and my blog, both of which were born on May 31, 1999.

I last updated this December 28, 2018, and have set myself a reminder to update it monthly from here onward.