What I’m Up To

As suggested here, this is what I’d highlight if I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a year:


  • Oliver’s Stars for Life day program has been slowing migrating back to the Stars for Life house, although he’s still spending some time working out of our house.
  • After not sleeping well for several months, sleep is coming easier now; I’m not back to old-school sleep-through-the-night-like-a-log, but there have been big improvements in the last few weeks.

Paid Work


Volunteer Work

  • Serving on the board of directors of Stars for Life, focusing on obtaining long-term, sustainable funding for the organization.
  • Serving on the Mayor’s Task Force on Active Transportation for the City of Charlottetown; acting as co-chair and the liaison to the Parks & Recreation department.

I last updated this May 1, 2021, and have set myself a reminder to update it monthly from here onward.