What I’m Up To

As suggested here, this is what I’d highlight if I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a year:


  • Oliver’s Stars for Life day program has been slowing migrating back to the Stars for Life house, although he’s still spending some time working out of our house.
  • I found a new frontier in the den of our house, a set of cupboard filled with things of Catherine’s that I need to go through.
  • For the first time ever I’m using Facebook actively, but only for the “Widow We Do Now? Widow Wives Club” support group, which I’ve found very helpful. Last week I appeared as a guest on the Widow We Do Now? podcast, on an episode that should air in April. 

Paid Work

  • Working remotely with colleagues at Yankee Publishing, primarily on the infrastructure supporting and (this is my 25th year of this partnership). 
  • Activity in the online shop for my letterpress works, Queen Square Press, has died down after Christmas, both on the production side and the sales side. Prepping for Season 2.


Volunteer Work

  • Serving on the board of directors of Stars for Life, focusing on obtaining long-term, sustainable funding for the organization.
  • Serving on the Mayor’s Task Force on Active Transportation for the City of Charlottetown; acting as co-chair and the liaison to the Parks & Recreation department.

I last updated this April 1, 2021, and have set myself a reminder to update it monthly from here onward.