Meanwhile, in the next millennium…

Twenty years ago today I wrote the first post in this space.

Apparently the effort it took to do this was so Herculean that I didn’t get around to writing another post until two months later, a post wherein I linked to a description of how I maintained the “constantly updated collection of news and links” that we now call a blog, but didn’t yet really, at least in any popular sense.

I was 33 years old when I started writing here. I’d been with Catherine for 8 years, but Oliver was still seven months from conception, sixteen months from being born.

When the blog turned ten, in 2009, I marked the occasion with a statistical breakdown: 996,016 words written, in 5,388 posts.

Now, 20 years in, it’s 2,670,757 words in 8,970 posts

But a statistical breakdown doesn’t really say much about the last 20 years; so here’s a single post from each of those years as a kind of proxy:

That collection is more akin to a series of flashes of landscapes from a moving train than a comprehensive review. But if you want to get a hint of a taste of my last two decades, it’s a good place to start.

By lucky happenstance, this anniversary comes on the day that we’ve rendezvoused with Luisa and Olle here in Halifax. They have been such dear friends over such a large swath of these 20 years. Catherine and Oliver and Olle and Luisa and I went out for an excellent Japanese meal tonight and we continued the conversations we started many years ago. And started new ones. Kind of like this blog. It was an excellent way to mark the date.


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Thelma on June 1, 2019 - 06:37 Permalink

Happy 20th, Peter! I remember explaining the idea of a blog to a friend who heard about them on CBC and using your site as the example. I've learned so much from you, so thanks and best wishes!

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Roland Tanglao on June 1, 2019 - 11:13 Permalink

Congrats from another fellow 20 year blogger :-) 1999 was a great year to start things !

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Randy F McDonald on June 1, 2019 - 12:55 Permalink

Happy 20th blogiversary!

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vbj on June 2, 2019 - 12:04 Permalink

From "friend of the blog" to friend, thanks for the 20 years, Peter.