Car Rental Fun

I need to rent a car for a week in mid-February, so I visited the websites of all of the major car rental companies. After looking in detail at all of them, I must say that Alamo comes out the best. They responded quickly to my online request for a Quicksilver Number — their “bypass the counter” program — while other companies wanted me to print out a form, fill it in, sign it, and fax it to them (or fill it out online for $50 at Hertz). Their new reservations system is dead simple to use: it took me about a minute to make a reservation. And, at least in theory, once I get to their facility at the airport, I just stick my QuickSilver card in, print out the agreement, and I’m on my way. Wish me luck.


Apparently, the ~ symbol, to which I have heretofore referred to as a squiggle, is official known, at least in the U.K. as a twiddle. Addendum: several correspondents in the guest book have called this into question; I direct you to this page as evidence.

More than just on time…

The marketing tagline for Midland Courier is more than just on time. I wonder what they mean by this? Is it a suggestion that they won’t deliver your package all smashed up? Do they offer chocolate bars with every delivery? As far as I’m concerned, if couriers were just on time, I’d be happy.

Soon Ice will meet Snow

Our roof is covered with snow, which melts and makes icicles, which are getting very long. Our driveway fills up with snow every couple of days, and the only place to pile the snow is in the front yard. Soon the ice will meet the snow and we will have a cool Burgess Meredith house.

100 Prince St. covered in ice