Eastlink grabs 10% of the Charlottetown Residential Phone Market

From the CRTC (via Angus TeleManagement Group) comes the news that Eastlink now has 10.5% of the market in local residential lines in Charlottetown.

Here’s the chart in the CRTC report that breaks the numbers down. Charlottetown is second only to Halifax in the country in terms of the market share of local residential telephone competitors.

This reflects my own anecdotal evidence: in the past three or four days, I’ve had two friends mentioned their recent switch to Eastlink. In both cases they were proud to be “Aliant-free.”

Perhaps this explains the recent rash of Aliant television commercials featuring a series of vignettes of Aliant employees talking about the competition. Only time will tell whether Aliant can advertise itself out of the legacy of so many years of arrogant monopoly.


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Derek Martin on December 1, 2003 - 19:41 Permalink

I just called Eastlink. Unfortunately, they can’t offer a home extension for my business phone, which has been a perfect solution for my particular situation. No prices on their website either.

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Ken on December 2, 2003 - 03:50 Permalink

In the mud, that’s a lot of sticks.

Is that number lower in Summerside, with the City Fibre Net. Oh yeah, they don’t have phone service.

Eastlink has 0% of Tyne Valley’s residential market in oysters.

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Kevin on December 2, 2003 - 23:17 Permalink


Order an LDDS copper circuit from your business to your home (unless the total distance between those two places and the Island Tel building on Fitzroy totals over five miles of copper) and then just “export” your own dial tone to the other end (just a Y-adapter, same as your computer/phone combo except the phone or computer is in another building).

These circuits can rent for quite a bit less than a phone line depending on whether you can use a two-wire circuit (you can) and how far they run (charged by the mile).

Just a thought…

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Ken on December 3, 2003 - 00:06 Permalink

Good info Kevin, I used LDDS line between my shop and house, it was 5km cost 18.?? a month, worked well.

Also I know there is a feature available that lets two lines ring on the same number — tell them you want MADN feature in servord on the DMS.

Contact me if you want a pair of SDSL modems cheap, they work on these lines, speeds up to 2.1Mb, Ethernet interfaces on each end.