Life in Outer Space

You would think that life in outer space would be all fun and games: staring out the window at the moon, staring out the window at earth, playing fun anti-gravity tricks with drops of water and the like. Apparently, however, life in outer space is a lot like life on earth, at least according to NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 29 Nov 2003:

Taking to the air and flying to and fro in their voluminous residence after wake-up at the regular 1:00am EST, morning inspection, hygiene and breakfast, CDR/SO Michael Foale and FE Alexander Kaleri performed the regular weekly 3-hr. housecleaning. [The “uborka stantsii” focuses on removal of food waste products, cleaning of compartments with vacuum cleaner, wet cleaning of the Service Module (SM) dining table and other surfaces with disinfectants (“Fungistat”) and cleaning of fan screens to avoid temperature rises.]

Yee haw!

Of course things did perk up later in the day:

Working off the Russian task list, the FE conducted another brief session of the Russian Uragan earth imaging program, using the LIV Betacam video system and the Kodak 760 DSC (digital still camera) from SM window #9, now available again in LVLH attitude. [Today’s targets were the city of Abudja, Central America in the direction of the Panama Canal, the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica, Cuba and the Sargasso Sea.]

Where do I sign up?