PMU and iPhoto Hang

I upgraded my iBook to Mac OS 10.1.5 this week and somehow lost the ability to put it to sleep by simply closing the lid. It would appear to nod off, but would then spring back to life, and then turn on and off over and over and over again. I found the solution was to reset the power management unit. Everything’s back to normal now.

In other Apple news: I have about 4,000 photos in iPhoto now and find that if I try to delete a lot of photos at the same time, iPhoto hands with a “spinning rainbow” cursor. Forever. I found that if I leave it in the catatonic state for about 20 minutes, and then Force Quit, I can restart iPhoto and the photos are gone as I intended. Certainly not graceful, but it works.

Beauty and Funny

These are beautiful photos and this is very funny. The former reloads a new image every time you reload while the latter requires some very recent version of Microsoft’s Windows Media Player to view, also requires that you don’t mind free and open discussion of blow jobs (albeit in an endearing and witty contact), and comes courtest of Scoble.

Bravo, Clifford Lee

Kudos to Charlottetown City Councillor Clifford Lee for standing up for his constituents against the tourism behemoth. In today’s Guardian, Lee calls into question the additional impositions on downtown residents, to be caused by the CBC national broadcast of the Dominion Day festivities, that weren’t disclosed to Council until recently.

Bob and Joanna, Kate and Allie

It’s hard to believe that in recent memory CBC Television was broadcasting American programs like Newhart, Kate and Allie and All My Children. I even remember going to CBC season preview events and hearing how they were going to excise non-Canadian programming from the schedule and thinking there was no way they could ever do it.

But they have. Or at least almost. As near as I can tell, the remaining U.S. programs on the schedule are The Simpsons broadcast weekdays at 5:00 p.m. and Wonderful World of Disney broadcast Sundays at 6:00 p.m..

And of course there’s Mr. Bean, which is neither Canadian, nor funny but which, for some reason, is now an animated series. Why, why, why?

In any case, it’s an impressive feat for the CBC to have pulled off and the powers that be should be lauded.