Five Islands

I’m in the final stages (I hope) of a year-long project to produce sets of Prince Edward Island “Terms of Union Flash Cards.” Today was the day to start printing the envelopes. I started out with too much ink on the rollers for my own good, and so in an effort to keep things moving along, I did some experimenting. This may be the favourite accidental experiment I’ve ever produced.

5 x The Island

Here’s what the envelopes looked like once I’d got things going (they’ll get overprinted with black text in the next step):

Prince Edward Island Envelope

And here’s the letterpress cut – a loan from Ian Scott and Daphne Large – that made it all possible:

Prince Edward Island Letterpress Cut

Reinvented in Vinyl

I really, really like Lumi, a company offering small runs of things like screen printing kits and vinyl decals from your own artwork. To try its services out, I prepared a vector version of the Reinvented logo and used Lumi’s remarkably simply web tool to upload it and select products to order (I ordered a vinyl decal and a screen print kit; total price $26.60 US).

Fifteen days after I ordered, the package arrived here in Charlottetown.

Lumi really needs to update its packaging game; my shipment was packed in a thin cardboard envelope that was twice as large as it needed to be and had been folded over double by the post office; the screen print ink in the package had started to leak a little. That all said, the decal and screen arrived intact and ready for use.

Here’s the vinyl decal before installation:

Lumi Vinyl Decal for Reinvented

And here’s the vinyl decal installed on the door of the Reinventorium:

Lumi Vinyl Decal for Reinvented on the Door

It was very easy to install, especially as a the kit included a squeegee. Lumi’s guide to decal installation was helpful, especially the caution to be careful when removing the transfer sheet (Reinvented almost lost an eyeball, but I used the aforementioned caution and avoided this).

Selkirk Road Public Forest

About a year ago the Restore an Acre initiative of the Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project came to my attention. There was something about its simple, direct, well-executed approach to forest restoration that struck a chord with me, and so I became a supporter, making a $200 donation, in honour of former PEI premier Alex B. Campbell, who had been much on my mind last fall.

This weekend there was a walk through the forest that’s being restored – the Selkirk Road Public Forest – led by the project’s personable and enthusiastic leader Gary Schneider.

It was a damp, overcast afternoon, but a sizeable crowd of Restore an Acre supporters turned out and, over the course of three hours we headed from the Selkirk Road entrance deep into the woods, passing from the formerly-farmed front section into the sections at the rear that, among other things, sport large hemlock trees that, if you’re not used to them, seem completely out of place on Prince Edward Island.

Selkirk Road Public Forest

Never missing an opportunity to map a new part of Prince Edward Island, I had GPS Logger running on my Android phone during the walk, and yesterday I turned the traces I’d gathered, along with data traced from the satellite view, into OpenStreetMap. There’s still some fine-tuning and enhancement to do, but here’s what the map looks like after my update:

The Selkirk Road is well-known to many Islanders as the fast run from Charlottetown to the Wood Island Ferry. Next time you’re heading to or from the ferry and you’re in need of a walk in the woods, I encourage you to take a hike through these woods.  And, of course, there are still acres waiting to be restored.

Hemlock at Selkirk Road Public Forest

The Old Farmer's Almanac Said It Would Rain Today

The Old Farmer’s Almanac long-range weather forecast for Charlottetown for November 2015 calls for “showers, cool”:

Weather Forecast Snippet from The Old Farmer's Almanac for November 2015 for Charlottetown

It is currently overcast and 7°C with light rain in Charlottetown – showers and cool, in other words:

Today's Charlottetown Forecast

And thus my Old Farmer’s Almanac umbrella, which is emblazoned with “The Old Farmer’s Almanac said it would RAIN TODAY” is, yet again, proved correct:

 The Old Farmer's Almanac Said It Would Rain Today