barcamp copenhagen post-game analysis video


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oliver on November 23, 2006 - 21:09 Permalink

I liked it, but it makes me think we’re living in something like the era of early photography. Soon these videos will seem dull and archaic, and disappear beneath the junk in the attic (if the information age has attics). Then in a century they’ll be in museums and the scholarship of cultural anthropologists. Maybe they’ll be the subject of a sitcom somewhere in between.

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Henriette Weber... on November 27, 2006 - 21:03 Permalink

we are living in the belle epoque of the internet — i am absolutely sure ! -

soon we will have the internet avant garde… , started by french impressionism, german expressionism and russian montage web — how cool is that ?

but I think the atmosphere on the web is the same as it was with films in the start of the 20th century..

and I love it…