Annals of Power Steering Pressure Hoses

Welcome to another episode of “Pete tries to keep his 2000 VW Jetta on the road until 2020.”

Before getting to the relevant plot points, as an aside let me point out that when I was 17 years old, in 1983, the notion that my parents would be driving around a 17 year old car from 1966 would have been absurd. So, go car industry and your making cars that last longer!

I took the Jetta into Dave’s Service Centre yesterday for an early pass at the annual motor vehicle inspection (the current inspection doesn’t expire until December 31); I knew I had some bulbs out, and I thought I might as well kill several birds with one stone.

In addition to the bulbs, it turns out that I need (a) a new catalytic convertor and (b) a new power steering pressure hose and (c) new rear rotors.

The catalytic converter was an expected issue: Dave’s been nursing it along with a weld here and a weld there for several years, but it’s time. Fortunately Mufflercentre has a relatively inexpensive solution for that.

The rear rotors were also expected: I had the front ones done earlier this year, and so it was time for them too.

The power steering pressure hose is another matter, however: a locally-sourced part is about $300. Dorothy at Dave’s suggested that, what with me being computer savvy, I might be able to find a cheaper part online and, as it happens, I did: eBay had a Sunsong North America 3402061 Power Steering Pressure Hose that cost me $US 108, shipping included. It’s winging its way here for delivery next week.

The road to 2020 continues.