Young Ruffians Consume CBC

What is the defining characteristic of today’s CBC? The following are excerpts of CBC personality biographies:

“Hot Type host Evan Solomon continues to blaze new trails on an already impressive career path that covers both print and electronic media.” [see here]

“Engaging, curious, and sometimes a bit irreverent, Tod Maffin brings a 20-year career in interactive radio to the CBC — a bit unusual, considering he’s barely 30 years old.” [see here]

“At 33, [Avi] Lewis is already a 10-year veteran of on-air hosting and producing in Canada and Britain.” [see here]

Tessa Sproule is a rare breed of journalist, with eight years of training and working experience in broadcast, print and online journalism —all at the age of 25.” [see here]

Island Tel Listened to Me!

Last month when I was in Boston, I had considerable opportunity to use my Island Tel digital cell phone. Based on my experiences there I sent an email to Island Tel upon my return, offering a report. Imagine my surprise today when I recieved an email of thanks, with notice that I’d receive a free month of service for my help. This is a good sign: Island Tel is starting to listen.

Browse Web w/Phone: Rukavina Good

When you’ve been using your cell phone to browse the web, one of the things that is constantly frustrating is the need to use the phone keypad to “type” URLs and other information into the phone. This is done using a special technique which involves pressing number keys an appropriate number of times to call up the required letter. For example, you press 2 once for A, twice for B and three times for C. One of the more frustrating things is that when you want to type in the same letter more than one (i.e. www), or letters which share the same key (i.e. fred), you have to pause slightly to wait for the phone to know you want to keep typing. I found tonight that one of the fringe benefits of having the last name Rukavina is that it’s possible to type this on a phone keypad without ever repeating the same key twice in a row.

George’s Grill

When Catherine and I lamented the lack of good food delivery options in Charlottetown, my wily friend Ann suggested we experience George’s Grill, run by the family of the mercurial local actor Ed Rashed. So today for lunch we ordered up a couple of cheeseburgers, a large order of fries, and a couple of pops. Total cost $10.50, including delivery (which took only about 10 minutes!). Verdict: best hamburgers in town, served as hot as if they were just off the grill; french fries were generic and somewhat soggy. We’ll be back.