Tim Hortons Responds

Regular readers will recall that I mentioned my surprise that a Tim Hortons Garden Vegetable Sandwich contains 23 g of fat.  I had been in the habit of ordering this sandwich as a “healthy alternative” without thinking about it (doesn’t garden vegetable sound healthly?).  I sent an email to Tim Hortons, and this is what they wrote me back:

Dear Mr. Rukavina,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your concerns with the Tim Hortons Garden Vegetable Sandwich.

Tim Hortons has created a Nutrition Guide featuring a cross section of our products.  As you have recently viewed this guide electronically on our website, we hope that you have found the nutritional information useful in helping incorporate Tim Hortons products into your lifestyle.

The Garden Vegetable Sandwich is not advertised as a “healthy alternative” sandwich.  It is prepared with Plain Cream Cheese, Tim Hortons Special Dressing, Cucumber, Tomato and Lettuce.  The total fat content of this sandwich is 23 grams.  The areas of the sandwich in which the fat are located is as follows:

    Plain Cream Cheese, 13.0 grams
    Tims Special Dressing, 9.0 grams
    White Country Bun, 0.5 grams

To lower the total fat of this sandwich, request a sandwich with a Light Cream Cheese and no Tims Special Dressing.

Yours truly,
Consumer Nutrition Co-ordinator
Research & Development

That (a) Tim Hortons would respond at all, (b) they would take my request seriously, and (c) that they have a Consumer Nutrition Co-ordinator are all very heartening things.  Kudos to Tim’s for excellent service.


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I have a question regarding tim hortons. when you purchase your coffee ,they stir your coffee with a spoon. sits in water all day or even if water is changed once every hour can this be bacterial causing. note. someone has a cold or sore throat brings in there plastic cup ask for coffee.that spoon is used once again? need I say more.
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when someone bring in a cup to be refilled, only a coffee stirrer or a straw is used. i know because i work at a timmies and was told that over and over again
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If the customer brings in their refill cups or any cup, we use a straw or a stirring stick. We only use the parfait spoon to stir on new drinks that was poured into a Tim Hortons Cup.
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Actually, when somebody brings their own cup we stir it with a stirstick/spoon. And it’s not water that the spoon is in, it’s ice - and it’s changed SEVERAL times an hour.
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Go check out the site www.thetdlgroupltd.com and see that former and current
franchisees are banding together to tell the truth of how this company

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the link is for a site advertising other sites for franchises...not a discussion page at all...thanks for nothing!

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We don't accept their cups, unless it's a refillable mug or so.
Even so, we do not use the parfait spoon for the very reason of not getting bacteria on it.
We use straws usually to stir mugs.

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the water in the cup is sanitized water and its changed every hour. the cup's also washed and sanitized when the water is changed. and if a customer brings a plastic cup, they dont use spoon to stir the cup. they used stir stick or straw.

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Sorry, folks, but the Tim's I work at does not use sanitized water and change and sanitize the cup every hour. I try to keep an eye on the parfait spoon and water condition, but not all the workers care about it all. When someone comes in for a refill, I direct them to the stirring straws so they can stir their own drink.

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I work at a tims, and the spoon sits in a steel cup of ice, which is changed every two hours. When someone brings in a travel mug, we have to stir it with a straw, not our spoon.

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HI kevin i have answer to your question, i am currently working at a tim hortons and it is policy or a rile that u are supposed to use a straw to stir the coffee from a refill (pre-owned) cup for that reason exactly so the spoon never goes into anything but 20 minute fresh coffee… well at least thats how it is at my store. hope this helped.
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Don’t be concerned, with refill cups they have to stir with a straw or stir stix. The water get replaced with ice water every 2 hours unless the ice melts before then.
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The spoon used to stir the coffee is kept in an ice water that is changed every 2 hours or sooner if ice has melted or any hint of cloudiness. The purpose of this water is that most bacteria can not multiply in hot as well as COLD temperatures, therefore it is a method to prevent bacteria from forming NOT cause it. The ice water also helps remove cream/milk/sugar/etc. that might be left on the spoon to prevent flavour transfer. Travel mugs are NOT meant to be stirred with this spoon. Tim Hortons employees are all instructed to stir travel mugs with a straw or stir stick as well as thoroughly rinse customer travel mugs and wash their hands thoroughly after handling, for their own safety as well as other customers, being so concerned about the contamination that could occur allowing this "outside" item. For this same reason, they are not permitted to accept garbage or any other items through the drivethru window.

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what if i observed that the above is not applied? what to do?

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Ask the person to stir it with a straw or stick instead

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in live in nl, canada. icame across your comments by mastake, you heard of under cover boss, i think you should do it. good luck, andthank you.

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I like it when they wipe the counter down with whatever cleaning solvent, put the lid down on it, then hand it to me with a smile. Bleach in the coffee no thanks

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How old do I have ot be to work at Tim Hortons. I am 13 turning 14 next month. My friend works at Tim Hortons and she is 14
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Last week I bought four french onion soups for my family.There was not a speck of cheese in any one of the four soups,why is that? I mean on your commercials it shows a lot of cheese.
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I manage a Tim Hortons. If your soup had no cheese in it, it would have been best to point this out. You would have, at least at my store, been rewarded with 4 new soups. Mistakes are made, yes. We try to recitfy them promptly and properly.
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Who Rolled up my rim???? Has anyone ever got a cup filled with coffee drank it then discovered someone in the store has already rolled up the rim? I mean stuck there dirty fingers in the cup or perhaps used the teeth to check for a winner. Lots of that going on out there in the eastern ontario franchises.
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Get over it iam so sick of people complaining about a stupid cup. Every tim has camaras everywhere. If an employee was rolling up cups they would be FIRED no doubt. Why they hell risk your job for a stupid coffee . HAVE SOME SENSE. NOONE IS ROLLING UP YOUR RIM GROW UP
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The rims sometimes get caught on the metal holding them into the cup dispenser and it pulls them up a bit. I actually had a lady complain that we rolled up her rim and she demanded a different cup. We gave her one, and as per company policy, we rolled up the rim on the one she refused. Yeah, it was a winning cup for an iPod. Back to corporate it went.

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Many times we see cups that have been rolled up were I go

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To whom it may concern, I was very disappointed today with the service that i received at tim hortons, it was very early in the morning approximately 6:15am while i usually take my coffe & bran muffin to go while before i run off to work, however today i was very disappointed in the service that i received from an employee. First off i usually go through the drive thru and no cars were in front of me, no one was responding through the speaker booth while i was waiting for someone to say something, so i got tired of waiting and said “” Hello “” then a little voice said Can i take your order ? very rudely so then i asked for my order and while i was driving up to the window i heard a comment which i do not want to tell you as i found it very offensive and i know that word is slang as i am old enough to understand what it means as i have heard this name before. I had my friend with me in my car and she also said to me did i just hear what i think she said and we said ” looks like ” so then as i approached the window the person serving me at that time looked at me with a scowl on her face as if i had been disturbing her chit chat with the other 2 people beside her, very unprofessional as this may sound i received my order without a Thank You, which i always received great service at this location ( jane st/ alliance )JANE PARK PLAZA, to my amazement i even had the common courtesy of thanking this person for upsetting me and heard not one thank you at all. I have never had a problem with this store i have always had great service and very pleasant people serving however i feel that as a customer i should be treated with respect even though you may not be having a great night or day for that matter. I was very disappointed and felt that i know i can go to other coffee shops however i really enjoy tim hortons as a whole, today i felt unsure of my self and this doesnt look good for other customers or other people to know . I just thought i would make this comment as i’m not sure of who to contact but i just feel that this person should be spoken to as i feel this person may have been treating other customers the same way which is not right. P.S. The next time this person decides to make a comment like that she should turn down the speaker on her headset so atleat no one can hear her dont you think ? Yours Truly very disappointed, L. Rodney
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Holy run-on sentence Batman! Care to put some punctuation in there to make it easier to read?
Anyway, I totally understand about poor service, as does every customer in the history of take out.
It sucks to be treated like crap. Some people hate their job and treat people badly (either intentionally or unintentionally). The fact is, people in the food industry are often treated poorly by both management and customers. They're poorly paid (minimum wage: the lowest wage allowed by law) and looked down on by most people for having an undesirable career. In spite of this, it is an employee's job to treat customers with respect regardless of these unfortunate circumstances. If they hate their job, it is up to them to find a job they like.
As long as you are willing to go to a fast food chain, you'll occasionally be treated poorly. The best way to deal with it is to complain to the store manager.

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I sincerely apologize for the bad experience you have had a Tim Hortons.  If a problem occurs like this again, you should contact the store manager immeadiately so the situation and the employees can be taken care of promptly to make sure this does not happen again.  I’m a shift supervisor at a Tim Hortons in the United States and I am inspired by this experience and I will make sure no one on my shift is rude to any customers.

Loyal customers and new customers are the reason we work here; they pay our paychecks and it is our responsibility to make sure their experience is the best it can be.  We aren’t doing our jobs correctly if we are rude, irresponsible or causing problems with our customers.  Thank you for bringing your experience to my attention and I hope that your experiences with Tim Hortons get better in the future.

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You will get rude people at pretty much any place. I hear employees swearing at all kinds of stores. Unless you speak with the manager when it happens, it will continue. The problem is that few people speak up.

Tim Horton's is a great place for young people to pay their way through university. I have 2 family members who have done that. 100% of their university tuition from working at Tims. And it is only possible because they are paid minimum wage. If they raise the minimum, Tim Horton's would have to cut back on staff, and many students would lose their jobs and not be able to go to university. So thank you Tims for helping so many students get an advanced education.

The people who complain about the Minimum Wage don't think about the students. The minimum wage is the lowest pay you can offer to a student. It has no bearing on people with careers supporting families. It is never intended to affect them at all.

Thankfully the wage is low enough that many students will be able to attend universities.

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Kevin, In response to your stirring the coffee question … The spoon is kept in a cup with ice and is cleaned regulary throughout the day. This spoon is not used (or should not be used, as stated in the training) for travel mugs, as the staff member is to use a disposable straw to sir the coffee for travel mug refills. Hope that helps :-)
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that is just a LIE!!! I work in an office with two Tim’s at both ends of the building and that spoon sits in WARM water ALL day. NEVER rinsed, NEVER cleaned. TIM HORTON’S IS THE MOST DIGUSTING PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!
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do you sit there all day and watch
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Ok… as for the Time Horton’s in your office building… yes, they definately do sound like disgusting places. However, as everyone else has already stated, the parfait spoon is supposed to be cleaned/changed throughout the day and the water that it sits in is supposed to be fresh ice… not warm water. You have to realize that each Tim Horton’s is a franchise and therefore you will have different owners. It is up to the staff and owners of each Timmies to keep their store up to Tim Horton’s head office standards. Any time, as a customer, that you see something unsanitary or questionable activities at a Tim Hortons I urge you to speak up to the manager of that Tim Hortons. The only time that things change and improve is when you get honest and serious feedback from your customers. Let your timmies girls (or guys) know if they’re doing a good job or if they have room for improvement. As an employee of Tim Horton’s I welcome our customer comments if only to improve the work ethic of our staff.
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Okay I have a question… Where the hell do they get their coffee? Where are the beans from I am doing a school project and I need to know who their suppliers are. If anyone can help me that would be excellent. Alexis
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Alexis, the company searches all coffee producers for our “special” blend. It’s then sent to our “roasters” for processing. Please contact TDL perhaps for some help on your project.
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Its horrible and Tim would turn over in his grave to see what his name has become. bad food, bad coffee, and low pay for overworked employees

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I won a muffin on the roll up the rim contest and I was very disappointed with it. It was very dry and seemed stale. I have eaten a lot of Tim Horton’s muffins and the last 2 that I have had - at 2 different locations - have not tasted fresh. I have always been a really big Tim’s fan and I still love the coffee but I won’t be buying any more muffins for a while. Ruth
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depends what time you bought it at. past 6pm its not usually fresh, especially if it’s night production.
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Umm. The freshness part is wrong Dizzy. A Tim’s muffin has an 8 hour store shelf life. I have eaten a 12 hour muffin and it was still good. The dry muffin usually comes from a poor baker who is not following protocall.
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That is wrong. The 8 hour shelf life is regarding to the donuts, or whatever that’s baked in the Always Fresh oven. Muffins, along with croissants and danishes, has 12 hours shelf life. Though products do sell out before expired, but really vary between stores and sales.
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i bought a 60 once thermas from tim,s. it comes with 6 cup,6creams sugar. i filled it this moring i was told that i would not be getting roll up the rim cups. i work early mornings & then an other job,so i realy need my coffee.what i do not understand is that ibought one promtion & laiter in an other one they say that you do not get everything that goes with the other.i work with 7 other people we havebought 120 coffees to date,we are thinking of going somewhere else for are coffee needs.
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if you buy a thermos mug from tim hortons than no, you’re not entitled to a cup because its punched as a refill.
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While employed during the roll-up-the-rim event, we were told to give the customer a cup if they fill up their travel mug, or china cup, so they could still have a chance to win.
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Hey guys: don't complaint, we don't even get a roll up the win to win cup when we ask to for a coffee in a mug. Since I am on the topic, what is with the going green when you have to wait in line with car iddling for 18 minutes?

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i work at a tim hortons and we were told that a refill (even in thermos size) is to get the smallest roll up cup available.

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You’d be eligible for 1 contest for one themas refill purchase, for a chance to participate. You’d wouldn’t be getting anymore just because the themas serves 3-4 cup of coffee. You get a deal/discount for any refill as compared to making any individual purchases, so no more bargain other than that. Its like an XL = 2 M, or a L = 2 S coffee … would you expect 2 contest cup for an XL of L?
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Re stale muffins: I don’t know about the muffins, but Tims have recently moved to baking their donuts in Brantford Ont, and shipping them frozen to local stores (you may have noticed the large freezers installed a few months ago at some of the locations), where they are heated up (re-baked?) and served. This could be the reason for the lack of freshness for some of their products.
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Well, they don't send them baked. They send them to Tim Hortons as a frozen batter, they pour it in the muffin sheets, add what they need to add, then throw them in the oven. So they're still fresh after the oven because the batter itself also has a shelf life. If they don't taste fresh, it's probably because the muffin is close to the expiry shelf, or they hadn't had time (or I admit, in a couple stores may not care according to some people) to make more. They usually sell out too fast for that though.

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I was given a BIG TIM for christmas .. I am a horton’s junkie and I buy at least 5 cups a day, this morning i hop in the car with my big tim and head off to Timmy’s. The big tim to fill is $5.79 plus tax ..so it’s $6.50, i asked for my roll up the rim’s and they inform me i get only one. If i was to spend $6.50 on coffee in normal cups, i would have 4 medium roll up the rims, the people behind the counter were very rude and the only explaination i got from them when i asked was they had to watch a video, that does not help me understand why you would treat any customer like that. I work in the service indusrty, and I thought “the customer was always right..” I would like to know why i am not getting the roll up the rims with my big tim …. is it not 6 med coffees in that mug ??? please give me more information thank you …kim (guelph)
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these are the rules from headoffice contact them. they people working at tims are only following rules that they have been told to follow
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You’d be eligible for 1 contest for a Big Tim refill purchase, for a chance to participate. You’d wouldn’t be getting anymore just because the themas serves 3-4 cup of coffee. You get a deal/discount for any refill as compared to making any individual purchases, so no more bargain other than that. $6.50 would buy you 4-5 coffee at Tim’s a while back. Though a Big Tim serves approx. 6 cup equivalent to approx $7 - 8. So the math can be done and always a reason behind policies etc. So ultimately, do you want $2-3 savings (depending what year of the pricing is), or pay more to realize you win or not. Its like an XL = 2 M, or a L = 2 S coffee … would you expect 2 contest cup for an XL of L? Remind you after all, Tim Hortons is a business to make money. Most places get customer loyalty with pricing and rewards these days. The “customer is always right” thing is old-schooled and doesn’t apply these days, unless you’re like a Banana Republic multi-million business, or Starbucks paying 2-3x more for the like item.
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Old Schooled? Excuse me? "The customer is always right", doesn't apply these days? I've noticed a swing in the attitude of most, not all, Tim Horton's workers, recently. Getting more and more rude. I'm sorry, but, Service, is still service, and, "Timmie's" is lacking severely. And, the management of each store, seems to be turning a blind eye to this. What happened to being told to have a good day, as you're getting your coffee? Or, the serving staff saying please and/or thank you? What happened to general good manners at Tim's? I've noticed that you signed this comment, "Team Leader". Why? Come forward, and let it be known who you are. But, I can bank on it, that you won't. Because, if the owner of the store you work in, ever caught wind of this comment, your butt would be very sore, as it bounced off the curb, and you started pounding the pavement looking for a new job. And, for what it's worth to you, or anyone. We are, as consumers, paying roughly, 950% of what it costs Tim's to be producing that cup of coffee. So, please, don't insult ou collective intelligence with that crap, that Tim's is a business. And, only out to be making money. This IS, and has been quite obvious for years. The purpose of a promotion, (such as Roll up the rim), is to bring in new clientele. Not, chase off the old!

I deal with multiple stores, not just one. And, it's the same story in each. The consumer no longer seems to matter. Only the cash in their hand. Just because a worker is having a bad day, or didn't get laid the night before, or Whatever the excuse, does not give them the right to be rude to the person that is attached to the hand, that's forking over the money, that's keeping them in a job, and in most cases, supporting, at least in part, their family, or bad habits. And, lord forbid a customer should ever say "Thank-You", or "Have a good day"... You're looked at with total disgust. I have been dealing, exclusively, with Tim Horton's for over 30 years. I'm about ready to start dealing with Starbucks, (A place that I've always looked at with disgust). At least I expect to be treated like trash, there.

As far as the big Tim's mug refills goes. You pay a good buck for those things. And, a cup, (even a contest cups), doesn't cost all that much. Less than a penny a piece. Public relations wise, it seems like a good investment to offer two cups with a Big Tim's refill. Three with a Tim's thermos, etc.. It's only one month a year. And, most people that own those things, don't have them refilled on a daily basis. They're used mostly at home, if they're used at all. I've had three of them, and I've never had one refilled. Nor have I ever seen anyone have one refilled. Tim Horton's needs to get their greedy little heads out of their Butts, and start acting like a genuine Canadian Company again, or there's going to be a lot more people dealing with Starbucks, (An American Company), and the likes, and no-one dealing with Tim's. From where I stand, at the moment, there is no difference.

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I agree with what was said earlier. It is "Old-school" now. Sometimes the customer is right, such as there's too little or too much cream/sugar in the coffee. The Ice Capp is too runny. Is there a fresh doughnut, this one tastes stale. If we can do something to fix it, we will do it, as a server at Timmies I promise I would. But if the customer doesn't treat US right, I will sometimes return the favor and greet the next customer with a sincere smile and respect as I do all of my customers. We're paid to work, not be abused. I could go on and on about customers that I can't believe are allowed to walk the streets. Threatening employees for asking if they'd like a muffin/cookie/doughnut, or Christmas eve when the store is closing early (yes, they have lives) and the drive-thru is blocked off and the customers drive OVER the curb around the blockade, past the speaker and start BANGING on the window and yelling at employees for being closed? We don't decide when to close, when to be open, and what our rules are.

In regards to the CUPS, we are not about to give you 6 cups for one thermos. If that's the only reason you wanted the thermos, just buy that many coffees! They may be a bit cheap, but we'd be losing a lot of money if we did that for everyone. And losing more if one of those cups were a car or if (by some strange odds) you won all those as coffees. One coffee = one cup, despite the size. If you want it double cupped, the rules are the second cup must be a brown normal one.

I don't understand why people complain about the cups... if they don't like it, or if they have such bad experiences (where are these stores??? In all my life I've never seen one! I'm curious so *I* can give them a piece of my mind!), then go somewhere else. I'm sure McDonald's is used to the abuse.

mick's picture

i do like how you worded this for the most part. "the customer is always right" isn't necessarily old schooled though. i apply this rule at work whenever possible. but as you said too, there are certain rules that we just can't bend on.

as for the "please" and "thank you"...i am a firm believer in politeness. when training a new employee i always emphasis how important it is to use manners. and i am especially fond of apologies too (ie: if we don't hear a customer correctly over the headset or need to interupt them to find out more for their sandwich order). i am sorry that you all are having such bad experiences at the tim hortons near you, but please don't rule them out completely. not all stores are the same...it all depends on the owners and staff of each one.

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Why don't you worry about something that actually matters, you big baby? Oh no the minimum wage slave behind the counter helping me feed my caffeine addiction won't break corporate policy to let me waste four cups to find out I didn't win anything when I fill up my thermos with coffee I'm too lazy to make myself, the world is going to end! I think the one who needs to get their whiny, entitled head out of their butt is you. Guess what, Tim Horton's is a corporation. A big, filthy, greedy multinational corporation. They're pretty damn far removed from what they started as, so if you actually want to support something Canadian you'd better find a locally owned coffee shop (if any still exist) to get your fix at or stop whining when you're directly supporting the beast. Do you think supporting STARBUCKS of all things will help the problem? You're more daft than I thought.

This is what happens when you let a corporation take over a market. Lower quality of service, shrinking sizes, lower quality.

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I’m trying to confirm or dispel a story that someone rolled up their rim and it said “Please Play Again” (big surprise, eh?). They then continued to roll up the rim around the whole cup. When they rolled up the rim on the back of the cup it showed they had one a car. This sounds like a silly legend to me. Can anyone confirm or dispel this for me please? Thanks. -= Kevin =-
Onions's picture
Not True! I am currently an employee for Tim Horton’s but prior to applying for a position with them I won a Toyota matrix on the roll up the rim contest. My cup rim was a special colour and said “Toyota Matrix” with a pic of the Toyota logo. No winning cup that I have ever redeemed for a customer, large prize or small, has ever said “Please play again”.
Steve's picture
I just heard from a friend whose friend won a truck. When he went to claim it, he found out that it wasn’t a truck he’d won but a one year lease on a truck. He’s now going after Tim Horton’s for false advertising.
Cap's picture
I keep hearing over and over that the SUV’s that can be won are only one year leases! I’ve even been told that by an employee at Tim Horton’s. I had heard this during the last three roll up the rim contests. What is the truth?
OWNER's picture
No, it is not true regarding one year leases. See our website regarding contest rules. http://www.timhortons.com/english/images/2004EngRules&Reg.pdf
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well i just have 1 thing , the drive throu should all be express , no food items at all. its a piss off too get behind someone with a food order and u wait 10 mins for them too get it. and they only do it when its busy and lined up to the doors inside.also they should be aloud too make u pull up and they take your order out to you when you have a big order.if they cant get your order at the window in 2 mins or less pull up and wait til they take it too u , for the drivers take your food oders and go inside so the rest of us can get our coffee and go .
Taylor101's picture
I have a quick question, I am 14 and I always wanted to work at Tim hortons, my question is, can I get accpeted to work at timmys even though I’m 14???
rick's picture
If any one out there wants to read the truth about this company check out: www.timhortonsfranchise.com and see what they do to franchisees. This is quite disturbing and I will not be going to tim’s again. A great read.
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I’ve been sitting here reading this site for the past hour or so, and I gotta say it’s damn funny… All these people posting thinking that it’s actually a Tim Horton’s site! LMAO They are too funny. But then you add the responses from employees and it gets better! Great to know that our society is officially screwed, I mean c’mon people… “OMG they didn’t have my favorite soup or donut!!!” And at the same time even, and honestly who eats plain donuts anyways? If you’re gonna eat a donut, indulge in the yumminess that is a Boston Cream, screw cutting the calories, hello diabetes!
michelle cruise's picture
I work for Tim Hortons and seem to have repeated problems with my pay - check you paycheque carefully people they short people all the time
Frank Tielo's picture
Working at Tim Hortons is very stressful for the employees, including myself. About 20% of the customers that order coffee are respectful to the store front/cashier. The rest are just rediculous, and downright mean. Yes, we get everything you want, we pretty much kiss your ass like a slave. But treating us like a slave is unhumane. Through my entire shift, I get good comments about my smile, customer service, and my attitude. Customer complaints are posted frequently around main areas of production. Thus humiliating staff members. Going to other stores, including the one going to Barrie, I could hear from the back someone yelling at another employee about how something should be done right, or let them do it. We make mistakes, even when we’re in our 30’s. . Thanks for hearing me out.
Lynn's picture
In addition to reading this website, I also read the court decision on this case. Although the situation was unfortunate, the store owners must bear responsibility for much of the problems that they had. As far as the class action suit, one franchisee is trying to certify on behalf of other franchisees, who have not had an opportunity to opt out at this point. Things are not always as cut and dried as this family would have you believe.
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I was just on a site www.timhortonsfranchise.com and it’s about a family who owned a couple of tim hortons franchises. After reading it you can understand how a store owner that doesn’t make any money can’t afford to give anyone a raise. If you think the employees are having a rough time imagine if your losing close to a $100,000.00 a year, I can only imagine what that would be like. The lawsuit lasted over 12 years and now you see 450 current store owners trying to certify a class action lawsuit for the same reason, no profits!! Check out the site and post a comment as there are many interesting ones on the feedback page. I for one will never enter a tim hortons again, and if you read how they treat the store owners you realize they do not care about anything except profits for the share holders. If your interested in buying a store check this site out.
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i am confused. i have spent at least an hour reading just the first page of these and i just want to know : A) if i am 14 and wanting a job, is timmy’s a good starter job or is it as stressful as everyone is saying, B) what is the starter pay and C) do you think a 14 year old can survive at a job like timmy’s whithout dying of stressfulness disease
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What infuriates me about Tim Hortons is their stupid temporary promotions. They offer exceptionally good products - like the lemon danish and recently the to-die-for caramel apple fritters - let you enjoy them for a while and then take them away. What an irritating braindead “strategy”. I will not be buying anything there in the future and I e-mailed them to let them know that. My coffee comes from Second Cup now. Ripping mad.

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