T@B Trailer

I saw one of these trailers at a dealership today. It was one of those “holy shit, look at that” moments. Wow.


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We're selling 2007 Queen T@B with propane heat and a COOLCat heat/ac unit, alloy wheels for $6900 if anyone is interested

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Hello John
just wondering if your trailer is still for sale and where you are located. We live near Waterloo ONTARIO.

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Hi Jamie, Not to steal John’s thunder, and I’m not sure if where he is located will be convenient, but I am located in Cambridge, Ontario and we happen to be selling our 2008 t@b. It is White with Red trim, It also includes the Patio Awning, a Storage Cover, Aluminum Rims, 12 Volt Refrigerator, LP Furnace, TV/DVD combo, Screen Door, and Northern Breeze Vent as Options. It is the “T16-Q” Floor plan - which has the Queen Bed and includes the optional front window. I’m asking $10,000 firm - paid over $16,000 for all. Any questions, or to see it, please e-mail “Donna” at dhmcdougall@sympatico.ca.
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sorry, just noted this is a year old post…. well… if anyone is interested…..
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Hello Jamie: I am a bit confused about the dates, but do you have the red/white TAB trailer still for sale? I am located in London, Ontario and I would love to see it. Thanks Tom 226-927-7307
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What area are you in?

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Is your T@B still for sale? Where can it be seen?

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Hi John,

I am looking a T@B, is it still for sale? If so, what condition is it in, how much have you used it?

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Is. your T@B trailer still for sale? If so, what area are you in? I leave near Ottawa. Thanks!

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Drop me a line at gabby@mckenzietrailers.com and I will send you info and photos of our brand new 2012 T@B trailers. We are located in Gormley Ontario and are an exclusive T@B dealer for a 300 mile radius.

Look forward to hearing from you and earning your business!




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What color is it and what floor plan?

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Hey John~
Wondering if you sold your T@B? IF not, we are interested in seeing pics and finding out where you are located.

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where do you live?

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Is your T@B still for sale? Any photos? Thanks

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Hey: We live in North Bay Ont. and are looking for a Tab pull trailor in Can. Where are you located. We are quite interested. We will travel to see . Within reason ha! Is it still for sale even. Call 1 705 494 6121 or dlhonsberger@yahoo.ca just found out about these little jems We think it would meet the needs of a couple of bout to be retreaded but still adventursome people. Thanks have a great day.

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Are you still selling it?

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Do you still have this for sale and what city are you in?

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hi please let me know where you are if u still have the tab

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Just bought a T@B and was wondering if anyone knows where you can buy accessories? Looking for an awning and maybe a bike rack...screen door...

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Hello Rich,

We at McKenzie RV Trailers out of Gormley Ontario have just acquired 4 brand new 2012 T@B  trailers. Now that we are an exclusive dealer for a 300 mile radius we also will be able to order parts and accessories.

Just so you know. Our parts expert is Joel Alexander, and my name is Gabby.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Paha Qué Custom, Inc. Poway, California happytrails@pahaquecustom.com
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Hey, Do you still have your T@B for sale, if so where are you and can you send photos? Danielle
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Hello Danielle,

Why don't you drop me a line at gabby@mckenzietrailers.com and I will send you photos and specs of the 4 brand new trailers we have just acquired on our lot in Gormley Ontario!

Can't wait to hear from you!!




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Looking for a Tab trailer with porta-potty or toilet inside. Where are you located and how much would your lowest price be. Why are you selling it?
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Please drop me a line at gabby@mckenzietrailers.com and I will send you info on our 4, 2012 just off the trailer T@BS!



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HI: Is your Tab still for sale ? Where are you located ? E-mail Me at rcooke622@telus.net or phone 604-854-8368 Thanks Robert Cooke
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Do you have nay photos? How much have you used the trailer?
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do u have any pics….where r u located
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if you are in san diego i would like to look at it
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"I go where I'm towed to."

 The  T@B is B@CK!!

We are proud to present the newest addition (And exclusive dealer for a 300 mile radius) to our family of time proven trailers.

(golittleguy.com) has brought back the ever so popular teardrop trailer, loved by so many and welcomed back by just the same.

Today we unloaded 4 brand new and improved 2012 T@Bs onto our lot in Gormley, and invite you to come see us and them!

McKenzie RV Trailers is the oldest RV dealer in Ontario. 

McKenzie RV Trailers is a full service, state of the art  recreational vehicle dealership located in Gormley, Ontario, just east of  Highway 404 and the Stouffville Road exit. Since 1964, McKenzie RV Trailers continues to remain committed to its valued and dedicated clients, many of whom we now consider friends, all experiencing the incredibly rewarding RV lifestyle of the great Canadian outdoors and beautiful boundless landscape.

 McKenzie RV Trailers is one of the most recognized and respected names in towable RV’s and cottage park models industry. Drop by and meet our experienced and professional sales and service team…the coffee is always on. 

With over 45 years of towable RV expertise, McKenzie Trailers is your one stop RV dealership for new and pre-owned RV trailers in Southern Ontario. Our state of the art service bays, in-house Finance office.Our parts and Warranty departments are open year round for your convenience.

I have a feeling these new little trailers will not last long, hope to see you soon, to earn your business.


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It would look good behind a VW
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Visited the T@B this weekend and loved it, but was shocked by the pricetag of $14,000 for what amounts to a tiny playhouse on wheels.
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I like looking at the T @ B, but think its way over priced, and low on features. But its a step in the right direction, maybe someone else can build something a little more practical along these lines.
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If you are looking for a step up from the tab, try googling Safari Condo and look up the Alto pod trailer. I read from other blogs that it is bigger inside and better laid out. As for the price, I don’t know. I am also looking for a reasonably priced pod trailer to tow behind my 87 Riviera. good luck on you adventure!
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I have made some basic, but very good upgrades to my T@B. Took out the 5 gal., water tank and replaced in with a 10 gallon tank with a street fill valve and drain. I added a push button meter to show the water level and battery charge. I took off the small vent to the right of the door and added two small 3 inch fans that discharge the added heat from the frige. What a difference. The frige works soooo much better. I took off the orange cover and added a diamond plate alum., locking storage box. It has a bottom and the battery, and propane tank are locked inside. There is room inside for wheel blocks, tie downs, rope, and tools. Much improved over the stock tank cover. jd
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Hi I was wondering if anyone has installed a step on thier T@B. Also if they had a problem with thier weatherstripping expanding.
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We got one for ours for $9,000 + tax/license. Still a little too much for what you get, but we truly love and enjoy our T@B! We love to camp (in comfort), but can’t see ourselves hauling something almost as big as our house… T@B is just comfortable and small enough for our liking! We see ourselves keeping it for a looong time! We added a small microwave and a portable water heater (for showers), and now it’s perfect and has everything we need…..
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Hi, wondered if you still own the T&B? I have a 2004 T2 model and have had lots of trouble with the fridge not cooling properly. Apparently a design problem with hot air venting. Did you have same problem and if so what did you do about it. I was told there is a kit available to correct it. any info very helpful. Thanks, Harold
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Harold I am having the same problem with my fridge in my 2007 T@B. Today it cooled to 0 Celcius degrees then the next time I checked it about 6 hrs later it was 15 Celcius. Have no idea what to do.
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Yes it’s overpriced, but it’s the only travel trailer I can tow with my Subaru Outback 4 cyl. I miss having a travel trailer and I don’t want to go buy vehicle to be able to tow one. It’s a great little trailer with great looks and is actually a great price when you compare it to a new Airstream at over $30K. There’s room to add to it like some others have, we’re looking forward to our purchase!
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I just bought one. I think people are missing the high calibre of technology on this thing. The chassis and braking system is superb (both by AL-Ko of Germany). The aluminum skin is long-lasting. The windows and doors are high quality, european style. I have seen many for $10K with furnace, 3 way refer, and even one at that price on rvtraderonline.com with a/c. This puts it in only about 1-2K more than a casita or scamp 13 foot trailer— and those are smaller and have smaller beds. I just towed my T@B 800 miles behing a Suzuki XL-7, and I could maintain 60 mph up mountain highways. The T@B at 15 feet weights the same as the 13 foot Casita. I like it.
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Hi we just bought a T@b and a Suzuki GV, 2.7 L to tow it. It seemed like the right vehicle, not to much on gas but strong enough. I am trying to get connected with people who may want to release their add a room feature as I found the new ones to be way out of this world price wise. a good idea but way to costly an item. Help? we would like to take out three small grandchildren out and are looking at options. K&L
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We needed something narrow & light for Baja adventures and thought we wanted an A-frame until we saw the T@B. The interior, ease, & storage just blew the A-frames away. And prices are comparable. We love ours after many nights camping in it w/2 dogs. Huge bed. Add a $70 porta-potti & you’re self-contained. This is the simple RV for tent & van campers. I go camping (like, in the woods!)& don’t want to be in an asphalt lot in a motel room on wheels. The T@B is so much FUN!
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I agree that it is overpriced. My wife and I saw it and immediately we were drawn to it. The bright colors really appealed to us. It made you think of the beach or some just plain fun. However, it’s not much camper for the price. In NC they wanted around $13K for it. I was thinking it should have been around $5K MAX. We went and looked at A-liners, but the pricing on them is just as bad. I hope that someone can bring this type of line for those of us with subarus and saabs (towing capacity 2000lbs and below). More importantly though, I hope the price is as catchy as the camper!! I even looked at the teardrop line, but I just don’t think it would meet our needs. There isn’t even room enough for a table or chairs. Maybe in a few years we’ll be able to afford a used T@B.
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I have a T@B got it in Feb 04. we love it miss a toilet but otherwise it get us out to enjoy why we went camping in the first place. We are in our 60’s have been camping about 45 years in all kinds of units. Looking for the brave to make a driving trip to Alaska in May of 2005. We went in 03 can’t wait to get back. We live in Florida and would like to find other T@B owners. RAY
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just bought a T@b last week. We would like to connect with other owners now regarding optional equipment, can you point us in the right direction? I find the add a room a nice feature but way to costly, can you help out from Canada K&L
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We used our tent for the first time after owing for 5 years. It poured rain so we picked a great week to try it out. When we bought our trailer we got to pick 3 accessories. we chose tent, awning and screen door. screen door handy but flimsy. awning terrific, use it every time. Tents are made by a Seattle tent maker and I’m thinking if you can figure out who, you might be able to buy direct. You may find someone like us that never used their’s and don’t realize what a lifesaver it can be. Also adds more privacy. We’ll definatly use it more. Happy Camping, see ya out there, Tami
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I have a Tab Tent I will sell you….its barely used……. I’ll give you a great deal.
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Dave, How much do you want for your tent room? Thanks
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Do you still have your Tab Tent for sale?
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I have a Thermarest Add a Room that came with my Used 2007 Clamshell and have discovered that it indeed will not work on the Clamshell design. Does not look like it has ever been used, except to try to install it. Would be willing to make a deal. E-mail me at buddyharris2@juno.com. Thanks

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Do you still have your screenroom for you TAB, is it the factory one that goes with the 2007 TAB? What are you asking?

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Does anyone know who manufactures the custom awning for the T@B?
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check out www.pahaque.com, they make a nice cover for the T@B. I bought one recently, the quality is excellent
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Mine came with an awning that I don’t plan to use. Make me an offer. steve@mofam.com
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Debra: Just saw your inquiry — we’ve been on our first outing in our new T@B! The awning is made by National Tent & Awning, Inc.Firethorne Drive, Goshen, Indiana 46526. It is not as automatic to put up as a large roll/pull-down awning on a big camper, but it is very nice once it is in place. It follows the curve of the camper, arching from front to back down to about about knee height! It comes out quite a ways from the camper and gives ample room to cook and sit a couple chair underneath. It is a bright orange/yellow floral pattern. We found that it immediately traps heat up underneath on a warm day and bugs in the evening, but it kept us dry in downpours of rain. It also held up to wind and storms. Otherwise, we just downscaled from a large camper, and think the T@B is the answer to our dreams of cooking outside and sleeping comfortably inside.
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Just pulled my T@B-2 3500 miles through Colorado, Wyoming,Montana,Idaho,Oregan and Washington to my son’s home in Vancouver B.C. I easily tucked it into his off alley parking place, where he parked a Volvo. This is another great aspect of the T@B, the many uses in this case a Father in law apartment. I got the 2004 T@B-2 With frig,furnace and power vent in Denver for $9900.00
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Always wondered what the T@b stood for; possibly: “Thor at Bristol”(Indiana)?
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Take America back.

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These things look neat. My credit is not so good, but maybe I could buy one if the dealer offers some sort of bad credit personal loans that I could get to finance one.
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T@B clam shell. Thought it was the greatest camper ever UNTIL the seals in the kitchen fell apart and water started pouring in and the front side seams are separating so just enough water seeps in to create moisture where it is not wanted.. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you resolve it? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. The quality is much higher that to be having these issues and to my surprise the warranty’s on most campers/RV’s is only 12 months. BTW for information sake…..RV manufactures do not include the lug wrenches nor jacks. So be prepared for the worse. I did find out that with the upgraded AAA membership my camper was included. Flat tires are not much fun when you don’t travel with a tool box or find yourself on the side of the road after driving over something sharp. On the up side. Loved it ( until the water intrusion issues) the size is perfect for this single mom & kids or me and a friend/or the dogs. It is easy to hook up the my Mid Sized SUV and can be pushed around by hand. Stores enough stuff for a long camping trip but keeps you from overdoing it on owning too many extra and un-necessaries. Remember less is more. The bed in comfortable. Definitely is the draw of the camp site. Everyone wants to see it….great conversation starter. Looks really small next to a 5th Wheel with 3 push outs ( but how is that camping?)
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We’ve had our T@B now for three years and absolutely love it! We added an AC below one of the cabinets and out of the way! Our dealer did this for us professionally and it looks and works great! Price $150.00 for AC!! We love the towing ease, the mobility of moving it around by hand easily once in a camping spot, the storage, queen size bed and all the other anemities. We use a porta potty when facilities are not available. Most times we also put up a screen tent and consider that our extra outdoor room for visiting with others, relaxing in a bug free atmosphere, etc. the screen tent addition adds a totally new demension for space. We have towed the T@B throughout the Rocky Mts. and from one coast to the other and just love it! I can’t tell you how many times strangers will ask to see inside and are always amazed at the space and inside anemities! We did store the main table in basement and replaced it with a small folding table, thus providing us more space around the couch area. For setting up the bed then we just used two cut to size pieces of plywood which during the day we store under the couch. Thus, this provides even more room inside! Previously we have owned tent campers, fifth wheels, trailers and this little T@B fits right into everything we do now when traveling especially considering the cost of fuel, etc. We downsized the vehicle for better mileage and cost savings and we have no problems whatsoever towing this camper! Probably our best decision for traveling and camping we ever made!! We also enjoy knowing the T@B is completley enclosed yet allows for ventilation with the screened windows and power ceiling fan. For us the T@B is a real gem!!
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We have had our T@B Clamshell for 2 years and absolutely LOVE IT. I camp often without my husband and love the easy set up and security it gives me ‘doing it on my own’ with a 2 yr old. Sadly I do have to sell it and get something bigger as our family is expanding. Anyone looking to buy used, very good condition, fully loaded, orange and white, pictures and specifics available - pls email me at amhoness@shaw.ca. Located in Alberta, CAN.
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HOWDY FRIENDS! I have a 2004 T@B that needs a smaller family than mine. It’s in excellent shape! Asking $8200 and it’s worth it. No problems, no issues, just not big enough for the 4 of us anymore! Email if interested! Can send pictures. I’m in North Carolina. pingping@nc.rr.com.
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Oct. 2009 we bought a Tab trailer the one with the 70 x 72 Bed and since then we are looking for the Kitchenette that we can add to it . If someone can help me in finding it it would be greatly appreciated. the year ot the model is a 2010. Janine
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Has everyone in here checked out T@Btrailers group on Yahoo? Great group of folks from all across the country and Canada. Lots of helpful info about T@B trailers, where to get parts, etc. Check it out.
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Driving west from Calgary last week, the cover for the propane tank and battery on our Tab, which was already cracked and loose, blew off and disintegrated. I have learned Thor Industries is not making Tabs anymore and has no parts. My dealer can't get anything. Does anyone know of an available replacement cover. I'm in North Vancouver, B.C.

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We have purchased a cover for our new-to-us 2007 T@b. Twice this week, the cover has blown of in high winds. The cover only has 4 grommets -- it needs 4 more. We have run one rope through all four grommets and the wheels. We have tied a second rope all around the trailer just below the handles. There has not yet been a wind strong enough to test this new arrangement. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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