Peter and Oliver in the Open

Art in the Open was wonderful. Again. In a new way. As it always is.

My favourite part of it all was watching people amble—and ambling is truly the best word for it—across the fields and through the forest and around the campfires. The pace, the expressions on the face, it’s not like anything else: it’s not work, it’s not shopping, it’s not entertainment; it’s (only) art. It’s a sight to behold.

When we say “I wish this lasted longer,” I think the amble is what we’re talking about. The disengaged engaged amble that allows the art to leak in when you’re not paying attention.

I wish this lasted longer.


Robert Pendergast 's picture
Robert Pendergast on August 28, 2017 - 07:45 Permalink

Come to think of it, I amble a few times each week.
The art I see is in the people, the trees, the sky and the little city...

Oliver Rukavina's picture
Oliver Rukavina on August 28, 2017 - 21:21 Permalink

the one everyone sees at a Legoland Theme Park.