Charlottetown Bus Route № 1

This Charlottetown Transit route runs, essentially, up and down University Avenue from Confederation Centre to the Charlottetown Mall.

Its frequency–every 15 minutes in the heart of the day–makes it the closest thing Charlottetown has to a super-convenient “I don’t even have to look at the schedule before I head out the door” public transit route. This, and that it has the University of Prince Edward Island as a stop, makes it the most popular route of the city’s transit system.

On both ends of the run–at Confederation Centre and at Charlottetown Mall–you can transfer to Route № 2 or Route № 3 for connections into the eastern or western parts of the city.

You can also transfer to Route № 11 to get to Charlottetown Airport, a trip I combined with a bicycle as an experiment in car-free airport transportation.

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