Writing NFC Tags with an Android Phone

I ordered some NFC stickers last week from Tagstand, because I want to explore the possibilities of tagging physical objects with digital information; think of it as the digital equivalent of the Sharpie-labelling I wrote about earlier.

The tags were only 92 cents each, making them perhaps the cheapest computers–if you consider them computers–that I’ve ever purchased.

Each tag can hold 496 bytes of NDEF, which is to say that I can stuff 496 characters of, well, anything, onto the tag, and that anything will be read back whenever an NFC-reading device taps onto it.

My Android phone, a Nextbit Robin, will both read and write NFC tags, so to “program” the tags, I installed NFC Writer by Trigger from Google Play.

Writing tags is easy: you just select the type of message–Web Address for example–and the associated message–https://ruk.ca/ was what I used–and tag the phone on the tag. I made a little video to illustrate this: