Who pays for the election?

Using the same information filed with Elections Canada that I used to summarize the candidates’ revenue and expenses, I’ve prepared a spreadsheet showing contributions by individuals and corporations to the 2006 Federal Election campaign. I’ve sorted the sheet in decreasing order of contribution, and colour-coded it by party.


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A couple of observations:

1) Cindy Harris (wife of Pat Dorsey, former Binns aid) donated money to the Conservative candidate yet she works for Elections Canada — somebody may want to see if this follows election protocol?

2) Michelle Murphy is a sitting judge yet she partakes in furthering political ambitions which is a ‘no-no’ (Judge Wayne Chevrie used his wife Terri to donate to Liberals, which is a very slippery slope- especially for a judge)

3) A promininet island developer and high profile provincial Liberal who has received huge federal Liberal grants donated to Conservative Tom DeBlois personally and as a corporation and NOT to Liberal Shaun Murphy — perhaps hedging bets or sending a message?

4) Fairly slim contributions from local law firms/lawyers as they opt to ‘pork barrel’ for Provincial politics and provincial legal work by donating $ to lcoal MLA’s

5) MP Shaun Murphy’s wife (Yvette) donated to her husband twice via a numbered company as did his brother Kevin through a numbered company. So much for accountability and transparency.

Thank you for your efforts in putting the list together — it’s great work. Others probably have similar, if not more interesting, insights.

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I didn’t include the dates of donations in the spreadsheet (you can get them from the original Elections Canada data). When there are two donations from a single individual, it may be that these donations, while contributing to the same election, happened in two different tax years (likely in this case as the election was in January).

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Perhaps it’s an election that merits another set of 84 Fitzroy Street in-person sessions?