Where Islanders Vote

I have been immersed in election geography this week, and by way of procrastinating I made this visualization that connects every address on Prince Edward Island to its polling station on election day.

Map showing every address on PEI, and where it votes

Here’s a similar visualization, but for the advance polls:

Addresses and advance polls

I shared the map with a friend, and they asked me if I could tell them, as the crow flies, which addresses were the greatest distance from their polling station on election day, so I made this map to illustrate this. There’s one dot on the map for each civic address on PEI; the darker the colour of orange of the dot, the greater the distance to the polling station for electors at that address.

Map illustrating distance to the poll on election day

The greatest address-to-poll distances are from Goose River and Little Sands.


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Andrea on April 10, 2019 - 14:10 Permalink

These are both fascinating and beautiful.