Warning: This Website is for Educational Use Only

I was at Colonel Gray Senior High School tonight for the last home & school meeting of the year.

I arrived early so I had some time to ramble around the school’s library before everyone else arrived. The last student of the day to use the computer on the checkout counter had forgotten to logout, so I was able to use the machine to browse the Internet for a bit; when I tried to visit my own site, ruk.ca, a strange warning popped up on the screen:

Warning Screen on School Computer

The warning, for those of you with tiny screens, reads:

Access Notification

Please be reminded that you are accessing a restricted computer network owned by the Department of Education.

According to the Policy, access to ruk.ca is intended for education-related use only. If access is education-related click “OK”; if access is not education-related, click “Cancel”.

Site accessed: http://ruk.ca/
Category: Blogs/Personal Pages

What a curious and annoying system to have to navigate: has any student, ever, reconsidered their decision to visit a website based on this “reminder.”

How can I get this restriction removed from my website?

Better yet, how can we relieve our students from the burden of having to surf the Internet censored by force of totalitarian annoyance?