Ron and John and CD

Twenty-seven years ago Thursday was RadioMusic, a concert I organized for broadcast on Trent Radio, held at Artspace in Peterborough.

The concert featured, among other things, the musical stylings on Curtis Driedger; the on-air host was Ron Gaskin, and John Muir was the sound tech.

I emailed all three last night to wallow in the nostalgia of it all, and within an hour they each emailed back:

My Inbox

It’s such a wonderful thing that, all these years on, we’re all still alive. And that email addresses haven’t changed. And that we all remember that night.

Curtis’s set was wonderful; you should take a listen.

Nearer my God to Thee.


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Jeff Macklin on June 4, 2017 - 20:44 Permalink

Great folks, Curtis lives down the street from my letterpress shop, and JM is legend!!!!! Actually, both a legendary.