98 Water Street

The best place to enjoy a hot cup of tea from Brìgh Music & Tea is on the front steps, looking out onto Water Street: all manner of interesting people walk by on a Saturday afternoon, and there’s plenty to look at. Including the building across the street, 98 Water.

That building has seen a lot of life over the last decade: Ampersand, Youngfolk & The Kettle Black, and now Local 343. We’ve spent time in all of them over the years, especially Ampersand, which we made in LEGO back in 2008.

I took the opportunity of our Scottish Caramel Lattes being especially warm today (and thus needing time to cool) to sketch 98 Water in its current incarnation.

Sketch of Local 343

I’m especially proud of the Canadian flag. And, of course, the recessed entrance.

I cracked open a new notebook today, an Ecologica from the Italian paper maker Fabriano; from its name I assume the paper is recycled, and it does indeed appear mottled. But it’s very pleasant to draw on, and the binding allows it to open to flat.