Plus Or Minus 6 Degrees

You may recall my experiments logging the temperature and humidity here in the Reinventorium a few summers back. With Anne & Gilbert season about to launch, and spring in the air, it seemed like a fine opportunity to fire things back up publish the office weather report again. Here’s this week’s office temperature so far:

Chart showing office temperature

I’m logging this, as before, with a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor strapped to a Raspberry Pi running Node-RED. Beyond weather-curiosity, I’m using this as a chance to experiment with MQTT and The Things Network, inspired in part by my friend Ton’s participation in an effort to measure his new city. I’m still trying to grok the building blocks of MQTT–trying to sort out which way is “down” and which way is “up”–and once I do I should have an topic on The Things Network that you can subscribe to.