Photo of PEI’s First Webserver

My friend Simon, engaging in some admirable proactive librarianship, passed along a clipping from the July 23, 1993 edition of The Guardian with a story headlined “Crafts Council going high tech,” concerning the post I’d started 5 months previous to harvest data about crafts supply sources for Island crafts producers.

I’m pictured in my tiny cubicle in the back of the Crafts Council’s shop on 156 Richmond Street, sitting in front of the IBM PS/2 that I used to do my work.

That computer was running Windows 3.1 at the time; within a year I’d installed Slackware Linux, and it became the server that powered Prince Edward Island’s first website. As far as I know, this is the only photo ever taken of that machine.

The Guardian, Charlottetown, Friday, July 23, 1993 (page 5)