Peter [Paul and Mary] / Sharon [Lois] and Bram

I learned this morning, by listening to CBC’s Off the Cuff, that Sharon, Lois and Bram have become Sharon, Bram and Friends (this page would suggest that and Friends is the weird elephant). According to an undated Sid Adilman article:

Lois is taking an indefinite leave of absence from Sharon, Lois & Bram, Canada’s most popular children’s music group, which she co-founded in 1978.

Grieving over the sudden death last year of her husband Ernest, a retired York University sociology professor, Lois Lillienstein no longer wants to tour or perform on a regular basis.

Happiness always bubbled up naturally; it’s not any more,” she said yesterday.

Speaking of trios, it turns out that Paul, (full name: Noel Paul Stookey) , of Peter Paul & Mary was the SYSOP of a large BBS called Celestat, based in Downeast Maine.

There’s interesting video [RealVideo] of Noel moderating a panel at PopTech conference in Camden.


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