The Peter and Oliver Podcast: Smart Car Video Edition

In August of 2006 we made a quick 24 hour trip to Halifax for a medical appointment; Oliver and I took a spare hour and test drove a Smart Car. I recorded the “video podcast” we made in the car on my Nokia N70 mobile phone, but didn’t post it online at the time because, well, there wasn’t an easy way of doing that back then (Google didn’t buy YouTube until November of that year).

Fortunately, Catherine had the recording saved in her email, and so, now that posting video online is easy, we can present the review to the world:

The video quality is horrible–the N70 3GP files were very low resolution, and not intended for anything other than sending mobile-to-mobile–but you can make it out okay. I especially like the establishing shot, pointing up at the retracting Smart car roof.

Last year Oliver and I test drove a Smart car again, this time an electric model, but the video was wonky, and all that remains as evidence is this AI-generated version conjured up by Google Photos.


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Mark on January 31, 2019 - 10:36 Permalink

Maybe you should attempt another review, this time with the PHEV they have at new Mitsubishi dealership in Charlottetown.