Perry’s 3D House of Province

At the end of my “stakeholders tour” of Province House back in June, I mentioned the work that my friend Perry Williams has been doing with photographing and editing “3D tours” of places on the Island, and suggested that it would be great if he could expose the under-renovation building to this treatment.

Parks Canada subsequently connected with Perry, and the result is this fantastic look inside the deconstructed home of our Legislative Assembly.

This is as good a use of virtual reality as I’ve ever seen, and provides so much more context than simple photographs would.

Almost twenty years ago, with the assistance of Brian Simpson, the Provincial Photographer, and using a complicated QuickTime VR authoring tool, we did some early experimenting with virtual reality at Green Gables; the quality of what Perry is doing these days, and the usability of his tours, far outstrips what we were capable of back then.

Still from Perry's virtual reality of Province House