Others at 50

Bryan Alexander is one of those people I don’t know, but to whom I seem to be connected in myriad ways.

I was first pointed to him by my Dutch friend Ton.

But through another route entirely, Islander Bonnie Stewart is, I believe, a member of his virtual book club.

And since coming to know him–and follow his blog–I’ve come to find that he’s engaged with the issue of rural Internet access, which is a topic I’ve been dipping my toe into for the last 6 months.

Bryan turned 50 years old today, and wrote an essay to memorialize and consider the implications of this.

I grew up expecting my life and everyone else’s to be incinerated in global thermonuclear war.  As a kid I was reading more books than anyone around me, was often bullied, usually shy.  Then I got older, fell in love, become a professor, had children, saw the 20th century somehow give way to the 21st, and –

Like I did–albeit with considerably less scholarship and depth on my part–when I walked through the same doorway last year.

It would be an interesting exercise to collate a bunch of bloggers-turning-50 posts into collection. Any other recommendations?


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Bryan Alexander on February 13, 2017 - 13:38 Permalink

Thank you for writing, Ruk.
I like your advice ("remember to look up from time to time, take stock of things, turn down a different path, try on a different hat, say hello to someone unexpected").

Haven't seen anyone else doing this recently.

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Vanessa Vaile on March 3, 2017 - 11:29 Permalink

Found this midway through composing a late comment on Bryan's turning 50 post. I'm also too late (by a couple of decades plus) for the turning-50 post without back dating but had been thinking about a looking back at 50 post to tide me over until I hit 75 in 2018

PS I'm always trying on new hats and also share an interest in (obsession with) rural Internet.