Olive, Pepper and Feta Pinwheel

I’ve taken to sketching what I eat.

There’s a downside to this: I have to sketch first, eat later. Otherwise the source code gets eaten up before the program has run.

Receiver Coffee’s been making a Oliver, Pepper and Feta Pinwheel this season that was ripe for the sketch-eating.

Sketch of Receiver Coffee Oliver, Pepper and Feta Pinwheel

The real thing is more complex that I’ve rendered it. But I like the way the olives worked out (I am to be the Island’s foremost olive sketcher). And the sketch makes me jones for a pinwheel, so there’s that.

I made the sketch on a Strathmore Watercolour Postcard, which really loves the paint in a way that’s novel and interesting. Once the paint dried I put a couple of stamps on the back and mailed it to my friend Tom.