My Technique Scored us 4 km of Range

At the end of our trip to South Melville yesterday, Trudy, whose Chevy Bolt I’d driven there and back, called up the “Range Impacts Since Last Full Charge” screen, which shows factors that influenced the range of the car:

Display of the Chevy Bolt

The outside temperature last night was about 4ºC, which explains the 15 km loss there; it also explains why we lost 10 km from “climate settings,” as we needed to turn on the defroster a couple of times.

The 7 km loss from “elevation” can be explained by the hilly terrain between Charlottetown and South Melville:

Elevation profile of the trip from Charlottetown to South Melville

The elevation between Charlottetown and South Melville, from

The most interesting number–and the only one that I had any influence on–is “technique,” and it reflects my behaviour braking and accelerating. And my (essentially random) technique scored us an additional 4 km of range.


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Ton Zijlstra on May 17, 2019 - 18:26 Permalink

It is interesting to find out what data a car logs, next to the feedback it gives. I know our 13 year old car already logs a lot, judging by the the way our dealer plugs into it to run diagnostics.