Magic Eyeglass Defogulant

I have mused in frustration several times over recent years, usually around this time of year, about my eyeglasses fogging up when I come in from the cold. This is usually met by either stony silence or suggestions that I walk into buildings backwards, which I’ve always taken as a practical joke (and which, in my experience, doesn’t work).

That is, until last week when the helpful Sara Roach Lewis replied to my frustration-tweet with:

@ruk you can get glasses cleaner that has an anti-fog ingredient. Works like a charm. Can get it at island optical.

And so, despite being a loyal Boyles Optical customer, I dropped in at Island Optical on my way to the office this morning.

Word is that you folks sell some sort of magic defogulant eyeglass cleaner here,” I exclaimed (apparently I talk like Garrison Keillor when dealing with local merchants). The friendly clerk climbed down from her ladder, reached behind the counter, and handed me this:

Island Optical Cleaner

I’ll take it!”, I said. “How much?”

It’s free!”, she replied.

I’m applying it to my eyeglasses now and I’ll report back — it’s a good day for this, cold and damp and blustery as it is — and let you know whether it is, indeed, a magic defogulant.


Sheila's picture
Sheila on October 31, 2011 - 14:59 Permalink

I’ve also heard that rubbing shaving cream on mirrors & glasses prevents fogging for a while — be sure to wipe it off of course…

Sara Roach-Lewis's picture
Sara Roach-Lewis on November 6, 2011 - 12:34 Permalink

Peter…Have you continued to use the lense cleaner/magic defogulant?  It takes a bit of time for the magic to seep into your glasses.  Perhaps it has to develop a coating?  I have no idea.  The stuff I use is different than that, but hopefully the magical properties are the same.