Mad Wok

One of my favorite new restaurants in Charlottetown last year was Mad Wok. It’s a quick-service cafeteria serving Asian food that set up in the old Kay’s Building downtown.

I always order the same thing—Cashew Veggie and a jasmine tea—so I cannot speak to to the breadth of the menu. But the Cashew Veggie is very good, especially if ordered “spicy.”

Other things I like:

  • If you’re ordering in, they now serve you with real plates and cutlery instead of disposable paper and plastic.
  • Their mobile app (Android | iOS) allows me to order my lunch so that by the time I walk down the street from the office it’s hot and ready.
  • They’ve paid a lot of attention to both graphic design and interior design: there’s a real attention to detail on both fronts.
  • Spotlessly clean; they push chairs back into place, clean tables quickly, and all the cooking is done out in the open.
  • Very friendly and accommodating staff.

At a time when many businesses created by new Islanders seem to be created by regulatory requirement and are decidedly disposable, Mad Wok looks like it’s settling in the the long haul.



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Oliver Rukavina on January 3, 2017 - 15:56 Permalink

Me too. Me too.