Keep Farming

In light of the reported squabbling about the fate of the Experimental Farm in Charlottetown, I’m happy to release my own suggestion for the future of the farm: leave it as it is.

As I learned at the farm’s open house last month, most of the land is currently being used for demonstration crops: if you look carefully on the Belvedere Avenue side of the farm, for example, you can see signs that label the different wheat varieties. 

I think this is a good thing: it’s good to have active agriculture happening in full view of urban Islanders.  Not only is it good to be exposed to the source of our food, but it’s also an important connection between the urban and rural aspects of Island society.

So forget the convention centres, fire stations, the English country gardens and the “green space” and just leave the farm as, well, a farm.


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Nathan on August 4, 2009 - 16:17 Permalink

Agree mostly, however finding new uses for the existing buildings would be preferable to surrounding them in chain link fence and letting them rot. The Mi’kmaq plan has some good proposals for using the existing buildings.

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Derekmac on August 9, 2009 - 03:48 Permalink

Looks like Ag Canada completely agrees with you:
Ottawa keeping Charlottetown farm, says Ritz (CBC).

I’m not clear on why everyone is wasting time and money submitting proposals for something that is not up for redevelopment, and have always enjoyed seeing this bit of farmland embedded into the University Avenue strip.