Kao’s, What Kao’s?

On the last episode of “Peter and Oliver Try to Eat at Kao’s” we were dogged by payment challenges, and ended up abandoning the effort and reconciling ourselves to never eating there.

Tonight, however, we met up with our friend Jonas for supper, and, having read yesterday’s post, he suggested we make another attempt at an ascent.

So we walked east 15 minutes–a path well-trod from yesterday–and found ourselves at Kao’s front door, wondering whether they were open or not. It was hard to tell from the outside looking in, whether the lights were on or off, and the hours on the door were suitably confusing that their status was unclear.

Why don’t you just try the door,” Jonas suggested (why didn’t I think of that?).

So I tried the door.

And as soon as it was open a crack, a piercing siren filled the neighbourhood, the volume and travel of which I’d never heard the likes of before.

Perhaps the person who was closing up remembered to set the alarm, but forgot to lock the front door?

I slowly backed away, and we gingerly and all-innocent-like moved up the block to consider our next move.

Jonas, in a further paean to my vegetarianism, suggested to reroute to Raw Food House, and we heartily agreed.

This required a walk whence we came, but the company was good and the weather pleasant, so we had no complaints.

When we arrived, 10 minutes later, at Raw Food House, we found that it had closed at 6:00 p.m.

Malmö, it seems, does not want me us to eat vegetarian.

We redirected two doors up to Ciao, an Italian restaurant that had the benefit of being open, free of klaxons, and with vegetarian options.

Jonas enjoyed a mushroom pizza, Oliver pasta with beef, and I had a very tasty pear tortellini.

Perhaps we will never eat at Kao’s.