The Joy of Unintended Fun

In this post about SimCity for the NES:

The original version of SimCity was written by Will Wright for the Commodore 64 as a follow-up to his first game, 1984’s Raid on Bungeling Bay, a helicopter flight simulator that was published by Brøderbund.

As Wright often tells it, the germ of an idea for SimCity actually evolved out of Bungeling Bay’s map editing tool.

I found out that I had a lot more fun building the islands than I did flying around in the helicopter,” Wright told GameSpot in a 1999 interview.

Being open to the embrace of unintended fun is a skill we should all cultivate.

In the same vein, I became an unlikely fan of waterslides when visiting public pools in Iceland: I went for the “lolling about in hot water” and found that “careening into hot water” was way, way more interesting.