Joni Mitchell and Acquisition

Rob, I hope you’ve heard of Joni Mitchell, an artist who is not only fantastic in her own right, but who writes songs that cover extremely well (see Diana Krall singing Case of You, or Sarah Maclauchlan singing Blue, or BB Gabor singing Big Yellow Taxi).

I’ve been rediscovering the music of Tom Waits and Joni Mitchell and many others thanks to Acquisition, a new client in the same vein as Napster, Kazaa, and the like.

The thing that sets Acquisition apart from its peers is its integration into iTunes, Apple’s excellent music player. It’s also got a very well laid out filtering system that lets you see search results by album, by artist, and so on. It makes music sharing seem less like doing laundry and more like exploration.

And it’s about as close as we Canadians can come to experiencing full-in for now.

Here’s a screen shot of Acquisition in action:


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Rob Paterson on May 31, 2003 - 12:46 Permalink

Yes Joni I have heard and heard of. By the way many thanks for the song and the CD of Tom