The Interconnectedness of Charlottetown Coffee and Tea

This is the kind of rabbit hole that Sunday afternoons in the office are very good for.

I started to think about Ampersand, Charlottetown’s prototypical third-wave coffee place; when Ampersand closed, the space was taken over by Youngfolk & The Kettle Black, which then opened a roastery on 142 Richmond Street. When Youngfolk decided to sell, they split in two: one branch begat ROW142, which begat Receiver Coffee, the other branch begat Kettle Black. And so on and so on.

In this diagram I’ve attempted to chart the locations of venerable coffee and tea places along with the business connections (ownership or sale) between them. It’s incomplete, and likely not completely accurate. But it’s a handy reference for me to keep history at least partially straight.

Interconnected Coffee and Tea

Here’s a larger version of the family tree should you wish to examine it more closely.

Corrections or additions welcomed in the comments.


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Megan Stewart on August 20, 2018 - 13:07 Permalink

this is so great! i've thought a lot about this too and it's really cool to see it mapped out.