I am Jaz

There used to be a Freshii a few doors up from my office, and it became an occasional lunch spot.

At Freshii, you ordered at the cash register, gave your name, and picked up your order with your name printed on it. The first time I went in, I gave my name as Pete, a nickname I abide a select few others using for me, but a name I’d never ever called myself before.

When I went in the next week, I felt an obligation to consistency to again give my name as Pete (“hold on, buddy — last week you told us your name was Pete, and now suddenly you’re Peter — what gives?!”; clearly I’m very conflict-averse).

Subsequently I extended this Pete-ing to all similar orderings (what if someone from Freshii switched jobs?).

Today I set myself free: I realized I could use any name I wanted to order my doppio macchiato at Starbucks.

And so, for a brief flash, today I became Jaz.

Doppio macchiato for Jaz… Jaz…”

Why do I spell it with one z? Who knows!

What will I become next time?

A small coffee cup with Starbucks sticky label affixed, with the name Jaz printed on it, and a Doppio Macchiato label


Norman Finlayson's picture
Norman Finlayson on October 19, 2023 - 08:48 Permalink

Sometimes I use "Zak" or whatever pops out of my mouth.

Olle Jonsson's picture
Olle Jonsson on October 24, 2023 - 02:44 Permalink

Jaz. Iomega Jaz.

Wayne's picture
Wayne on October 24, 2023 - 14:39 Permalink

Mine is Brad Pitt.