The government paid me $23.00 to register my car…

I took the new Kia Soul EV to Access PEI to register it and I left with a new plate sticker, a new registration slip, and $23.00.

This is because registration for electric vehicles is free, and I’d already paid up for a year’s worth of non-electric registration expiring in April.

So the government paid me to register my car.

(Okay, they actually refunded me $23.00 I’d previously paid them…).

There was a small panic at the counter when my helpful clerk, who’d never encountered this odd situation before, worried that it would throw her ability to balance her daily accounts out of whack, but she was assured all would be okay.



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Thelma on January 8, 2020 - 14:19 Permalink

Thanks for this, Peter. I went to Access PEI and gently persisted when the kind teller said they didn't give refunds. A call was made to someone in Montague and she happily handed me a full refund in cash on my October renewal. I'm sending that bounty off to Island Nature Trust today.