Does Not Contain Fruit

A still from a television ad currently running for Metamucil:

Truth in Advertising

The bulk of the ad shows pieces of luscious fruit raining down the screen. However the actual product contains no fruit. Truth in advertising?


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Kevin on April 23, 2008 - 11:01 Permalink

During the ‘consumer consciousness’ raising of the ’70s I was in Jr. High and had a teacher (Ray MacCormick) who was fully swept up in the movement. Back then we used to discuss the rules and restrictions advertisers must follow. It would be my *impression* that such an ad would have been contrary to code and refused broadcast in the late ’70s. Am I right? Did the rules change? Why would such an ad (with the tiny print that I’ll bet pops up just at the end) be allowed?

I guess Ray did his job — I’m still curious about this stuff.