The County Line Pole

Back in April I wrote about the curious case of South Shore Villa, a community care facility in Crapaud, PEI that’s bisected by the Queens County-Prince County boundary; in this map it’s shown as property 775072, right in the middle, and the county line is shown in green:

Geolinc Plus view of PEI PID 775072, South Shore Villa

My friend Ray was instrumental in the development of South Shore Villa back in 1990, and, knowing that I’d be in Crapaud again yesterday, I asked him if there was any obvious physical manifestation of the county line boundary on the property.

Ray told me to look for a concrete pole in the forest in front of the facility and, sure enough, that’s exactly what I found when I went looking yesterday:

Photo of the concrete pole on the county line boundary

Close up view of the county line pole.

The pole was set there, Ray tells me, in the spring of 1990; it’s in remarkably good shape for a 27 year old piece of concrete.

I love marks on the earth that make the fictional non-fictional.

If you’re out and about looking for the pole, set your GPS for 46.2371944 N, 63.5054333 W and you’ll find it. Or if you’re there as you read this, you’ll know right where you are on the surface of the Earth.