The Complete New Yorker DVD Flash Demo Available

The Complete New Yorker DVD is being released in just six days. There’s now a Flash demo of the interface available.

I ordered my copy back in June. My mind boggles in anticipation of its arrival: there are half a million pages over the 8 DVDs, covering 80 years of the magazine. I momentarily considered the notion of taking 6 months off just to read, but I realized that even with all that time I’d only make a dent in it. Perhaps I should buy a new laptop and have pages projected on the walls of wherever I am so that I can drink it all in by osmosis?

New Yorker DVD Demo Screen Shot


John Boylan's picture
John Boylan on September 14, 2005 - 19:29 Permalink

It’s a bit like the record collector with so many albums he’ll never be able to listen to them all in his lifetime.

What is it that makes us want all of something so badly?

Marian's picture
Marian on September 14, 2005 - 20:09 Permalink

I am going to put the word out to all my friends that my birthday is coming up (there’s also Christmas).