Charlottetown: Then and Now

Oliver and I went for a walk last night after supper: I wanted to show off my new PirateBox so we took his laptop and browsed around for a while looking for something interesting.

We settled on Prince Edward Island: The England of Canada, a 1941 pamphlet from the collection that lives on the PirateBox. We opened up the PDF and found that there was a photo of Province House as it once was:

Province House from PEI: England of the North

As we were just around the corner, we took a little walk and sat down and played a game of “spot the differences”:

A few pages later we came across a photo of Queen Street, taken from the corner of Queen and Richmond, and did the same “then and now” comparison (who knew that Woolworth’s was there before it moved up the street!):

Queen Street then and now.

Prince Edward Island: The England of Canada is a great little read; you can grab it from or from the downtown PirateBox.