Car Alarms and Fireworks

All the fuss in New York City about car alarms reminded me of the usual problem we experience here in downtown Charlottetown on July 1 when the fireworks go off over Charlottetown Harbour. Inevitably the sonic booms created by the fireworks set off a good collection of car alarms. I gather it’s those with motion sensors so finely tuned as to detect break-in attempts from mice. Either that or there are cars designed to detect and warn against attempted break-in by cruise missle.

In any case, if you own an alarmed car, and would like to relieve the downtown of annoying July 1 noise, leave your car at home and take the bus, or leave your car alarm turned off that night. (Note to criminals: please do not use this as an invitation to holiday burglary).


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Ann on June 18, 2003 - 15:01 Permalink