Auto-FOAF from Weblog Comments

For the past week or so I’ve had a website field in the discussion section of my weblog. Today I modified my FOAF file to automatically grab the people who’ve filled this field in, and incorporate them in dynamically. The result is that my foafnaut looks like this now:

The next step is to do some FOAF autodiscovery on each link to allow me to add a FOAF seeAlso section where appropriate.


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ken on August 1, 2003 - 15:32 Permalink

Thank you for being a friend.

Peter, what are your thoughts about setting up a web site that brings together the skills of web page designers, tech help, etc. in a virtual community that provides these services to non-profits like the food bank, public library, environmental groups or whatever.

An online professional services club, like the shriners, but instead for bit-masons.

The first project of course is to set up and design the professional services web site, and fund the web-hosting, and set up some kind of executive trio or some form of self governance. I’ll do all this. Your influence inspiring pro-techies to contribute would be essential, and your graph indicates you are well connected!

I picture a private blog type journal for each client to make requests or ask questions. Then, volunteer professionals like us could attend the client blogs.

What do you think?