Autism Aviators

After The Day That Didn’t Go So Well, back on New Years Eve 2016, Oliver was loathe to experience the exigencies of airport security any time soon, so the last 18 months have been a sort of Dark Ages of Travel, with our adventures restricted to land-based transport.

On Saturday, however, thanks to the good graces of the Autism Society, Air Canada, Charlottetown Airport and Danny Murphy, Oliver was able to try climbing back on the airport horse to see how it felt.

And it felt pretty good, he reports.

Saturday, you see, was Autism Aviators day at the airport, an event where young people with autism could try flying on for size. Although there was no flying involved–a few moments in Danny Murphy’s private jet, on the ground, was the proxy–the rest of the proceedings were a realistic simulation of airport logistics: check-in, baggage screening, security, waiting in the departure lounge, boarding, landing, and picking up luggage.

Oliver’s an old hand at most of this; it was the security screening that he was worried about. But he remained calm. And I remained calm. And the CATSA agents remained calm. And Ethan the Dog remained calm. And we just sailed right through, unscathed.

Here’s what we looked at once we reached the departure lounge a few moments later:

Peter and Oliver in YYG Departure Lounge

Can you tell we are relieved and happy?

The day was successful enough that Oliver is, indeed, ready to climb back on the flying horse, and plans are afoot to determine how we will use this newfound freedom.

All involved in organizing this event should feel proud of their commitment to accessibility. Thank you.


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great news, Peter