Allan Rankin on Lowell Croken

Allan Rankin writes about Lowell Croken in the Eastern Graphic:

From the outset there was strong resistance to this new Waste Watch program.

Enter Lowell Croken, a junior level public servant at the time working as a mapping technician. His unique communication skills and proactive approach, and qualities of reasonableness and charm, made him the ideal person to assist the implementation of Waste Watch.

Not that Lowell accomplished this all by himself of course, but change often requires a special agent, and when it came to convincing a reluctant general public that separating garbage was important, he was the right person for the job.

Lowell Croken went on to serve as Prince Edward Island’s Chief Electoral Officer from 2005 to 2013. Now retired, he can look back on an outstanding career as a public servant, having served Islanders with honour and integrity.

There are other Lowell Crokens within government ranks, employees who make a big difference in positive and constructive ways, and I believe we should celebrate their often-unheralded contributions.

Lowell would be the last person on Earth to seek singling out for special mention like this, which is all the more reason that he deserves it: I worked with Lowell at Elections PEI for 17 years, and everything that Allan writes is true.

I’m proud to call both Lowell and Allan friends, and, truth be told, much of what Allan writes about Lowell could equally be said of Allan.