2017 from Behind

It was a bright sunshiny day today, and so, after lunch, instead of walking back up Queen Street to the Reinventorium, I walked down Queen Street to the Coast Guard wharf. Where I found a gaggle of cruise ship tourists taking selfies in front of the 2017 sculpture.

I set myself down behind them all, on an Adirondack chair chained to the wharf and facing the harbour, a chair I turned around to face the 2017 and the Milton Acorn Convention Centre, and sketched the 2017 from behind.

The sun and the sea and the wind conspired to do something interesting to the paper and paint, so the result was something significantly more traditionally watercoloury than I’ve been able to achieve previously.

2017 from behind


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Laurent Beaulieu on October 24, 2017 - 15:16 Permalink

The convention centre as a name? I did not know it was called the Milton Acorn Convention centre. I cannot remember seeing it on the building. You learn something everyday.