Penny and her Pyramid

Penny, who was once four years old (I know, because I was there) is now ten years old. I’ve known Penny for longer than I haven’t known her, but we’ve never had a conversation because, at least up until the time I saw her last 3 years ago, she didn’t yet speak English and I didn’t yet speak Danish.

Rockwood | Worcester

One of the more recognizable features modern-day additions to Province House in Charlottetown are the beautiful cast “Rockwood | Worcester” alarm bells on the outside:

Rockwood | Worcester

The Big Stapler

One of the delightful aspects of visiting my colleagues at Yankee Publishing is that, as a publisher that’s nearing 80 years in business, there’s been a substantial opportunity for the company to have acquired a lot of interesting tools of the trade.

I Shot Your Dog

I was sitting on the front porch of the Harrisville General Store this afternoon just finishing up lunch when an old acquaintance of mine, a former Yankee copy editor who once swopped houses with us, pulled up in her Toyota Prius.

In the back of the car was a delightful-looking dog with a shiny coat, a dog that looked like a Dalmatian but wasn’t.

I asked my old acquaintance if I could pet her dog.

She said yes.

I petted her dog.

A Visit to Heaven

I don’t have any photos from my visit last night to Swamp Press because, well, it would be inappropriate to take photos in heaven, wouldn’t it?

Our house had the biggest patio...

Our dear friends Olle and Luisa have been staying with us for the last week – they just headed off in their sexy Fiat 500L for points farther east – and we used the occasion of their visit to hold the first bona fide party we’ve ever held at 100 Prince Street (indeed, perhaps the first party Catherine and I have ever held).

Confirmation for Transportation of an Animal in the Passenger Cabin

Here’s a scan of the “Confirmation for Transportation of an Animal in the Passenger Cabin” document we needed to allow Ethan to travel in the cabin on Lufthansa last week. Interestingly the checkbox was “ESAN” (emotional support dog) rather than “SVAN” (recognized assistance dog, which is Ethan’s true alter ego), but this wasn’t an issue practically and the form was the golden ticket that allowed us easy entry onto our flights.

Renting a VW Camper Van in Europe

Because we were traveling with Ethan (Oliver’s service dog) on our trip to Europe this summer, we decided that we’d try to rent a camper van for our accommodations: this, we reasoned, would remove the need for nightly “are dogs okay?” negotiations with hotels, would place us out in some variation of nature (being easier for dog walks and general well-being) and, besides, who doesn’t entertain an Arlo Guthrie-fuelled dream of owning a VW microbus.