Our Family Walks

After I spoke at the Winsloe Lions Club Charter Dinner last Saturday, we were presented with a lovely gift: a framed photo of Catherine, Oliver, Ethan and I walking down the Confederation Trail during the Purina Walk for Dog Guides.

Not only is it a great photo, but it’s the first one of our newly-expanded-by-dog family, and, indeed, one of the few photos we have of our entire family at all, as it’s usually one or the other of us that’s taking pictures.

Free Paul Offer!

I have been buying eggs and mushrooms from Paul Offer at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market. I know him to be a man of both good humour and exacting standards, and I feel proud to be one of his customers.

(Photo from The Guardian)


Catherine and Oliver and Ethan and I were the guests of the Winsloe Lions Club last night at their annual Charter Night dinner – a sort of “closing ceremonies” for the Lions year where pins and awards are given out and steaks and lobsters consumed.

Milton Acorn – in 3D!

Milton Acorn’s Poem for the Astronauts looks rather like a small city when set in 14 pt. Bodoni. I wasn’t happy with the original run of this Confederation Country Cabinet piece, so I reprinted tonight and I like the result a lot better; sometimes you just need to tear things down and start again.

Photo of Letterpress Type in Chase

I remember the day the bus exploded right in front of the fire eater and her amazing magical cat...

Despite myself I was always a fan of the Road to Avonlea television series. It was hokey, and not even shot on Prince Edward Island, but it was also endearing and provided a useful lens through which to look at life in contemporary Prince Edward Island.

The archetypal episode would involve some interesting character from away arriving in the village of Avonlea, with hijinks ensuing.

A long-lost huckster cousin of Aunt Heddy would show up and talk Jasper out of his inheritance.