Gary MacDougall

Almost every morning, since Oliver started at Prince Street Elementary School eight years ago, we’ve run into Gary MacDougall, Editor at The Guardian newspaper, on our way up Prince Street to school in the morning. We’ve shared a hello, or a bit of news, and gone on our ways to start our days. I suspect Oliver’s been left with the impression that it’s normal to have almost-daily interaction with the editor of the local newspaper. And surely it should be.

Off to Regina

The first real thing I did with Catherine, shortly after our courtship began, was to accompany her to her brother’s wedding. It was fun. And terrifying. “Here, meet my hundreds of relatives in this formal atmosphere” is not an unbracing way to get acclimated to a family much, much larger than my own.

That wedding begat a daughter, and that daughter, Patricia Miller, is getting married this weekend in Regina.

This makes me feel almost impossibly old. And also mindful that Catherine and I have been courting for, well, a good while.

CBC + Kodi: Watching Compass with my Raspberry Pi

I am a big fan – and a daily user – of the open source Kodi media centre. I run it on an inexpensive Raspberry Pi computer hooked up to our 20 year old Sony television and, thanks to video services that have Kodi plug-ins, like USTVnow and YouTube, I have a rich pool of content to use to supplement our steady diet of Netflix (which we watch via our Nintendo Wii).

The Saddest Story Ever Told

(Warning: this really is a very sad story; don’t read it unless you’re prepared to be sad afterwards)

Seventy years ago this weekend, on the front page of the May 9, 1945 edition of The Charlottetown Guardian appeared what is perhaps the saddest story I’ve every read, under the headline “Sad Fatality Mars Day of Celebration” and concerning the death of 9 year old Charles Dalton Stewart in the VE Day parade in Charlottetown:

My New Jarvis Sit-Stand Desk

A couple of years ago the “sit-stand” (or simply “standing”) desk wind blew through silverorange, and, prompted by their experiments (and by their testimony that their emergency room doctor clients said, in essence, “you’re going to die if you sit all the time,” or something to that effect), along with some advice from my capable ergonomics consultant, Marie Brine, I decided to investigate for myself.